Of Prince Fielder, Wildfires and Emanuel Lasker here at the Fin and Feather Inn

The Rangers have asked about Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder.

Why not? Are the Rangers going to trade for Prince Fielder?

Almost assuredly no. But they did talk to the Brewers about him. Or at least ask about him.

Prince-Fielder.jpgIt works like this…the Rangers talk to the Brewers and say they might be interested in Fielder, but only if they can make this move and that move. Or if this doesn’t happen and that doesn’t happen.

“The Rangers always have something going on,” one baseball executive at the Winter Meetings.

Or as Nolan Ryan said, if somebody calls the Rangers, they will listen. Or they will “kick the tires” on somebody like Carl Crawford.

But then Ryan will tell the media that the Rangers aren’t interested in Crawford because he likes his current outfield. He also loves Mitch Moreland, who is the Rangers first baseman.

Unless of course they sign Paul Konerko, which they will only do if they can’t sign Cliff Lee. Or unless they sign Vladimir Guerrero, who wants to play for the Rangers but wants a two-year deal. The Rangers will only give him one. Think that has been already written.

And tweeted  by someone. Watch out when the tweets start flying at the Winter Meetings as reporters patrol the lobby looking for somebody to talk to and give them the latest “scoop”

Apparently the Rockies called the Rangers around 6 p.m. last night and had a phone call about Michael Young. No names were exchanged.

Sometime around 10 p.m., that got out and a rumor wildfire raced uncontrolled through the lobby of the Fin and Feather Inn while baseball officials were swilling $6 cans of beer. And you thought Cliff Lee was expensive.

Anyway, as the wildfire raged on with no firefighters to the rescue, it grew to amazing proportions to the point that Young was going to move to second base for the Rockies, the Rangers were going to sign Adrian Beltre to play third base and bring back Lee.

Of course the Rangers were going to have to take back a significant portion of Young’s $16 million per year salary. By the way,  Beltre is represented by Scott Boras.

How is that phone call going to go?

“Scott…Jon Daniels here, we just traded Michael Young to the Rockies…is Adrian Beltre interested in the Rangers?”

Ever see the movie Jaws and what happened to Robert Shaw in the end?

By the time the bars had closed and people were no longer allowed to buy $9 Jack and Cokes, word was the Rangers had told Young that he wasn’t going to be traded.

Then a Rangers official was Wednesday morning if Young had been told that. His reply: …”No..I doubt he’s traded though.”

So either Young will be traded or not traded. All other points of view and tweets on the subject have been disregarded.

There was also a tweet that the Rangers had a deal going with the Cubs for first baseman Chris Davis and reliever Darren O’Day. The Cubs need a first baseman.

Turns out they have one. While people were yapping in the lobby about the Rangers-Cubs trade, turns out the Cubs were busy signing Carlos Pena to a one-year deal to be their first baseman.

Meanwhile, upstairs somewhere in the labyrinth of rooms that stretch endlessly in the Fin and Feather Inn, agent Darek Braunecker was busy trolling for seven-year offers for Cliff Lee.

The Rangers don’t want to go no more than five. The Yankees are still out there. They were the same way with C.C. Sabathia.

Emanuel_Lasker.jpg“That’s how they operate,” one executive said. “They wait until everybody makes an offer and then come in and make the biggest offer. That’s what they did with C.C. Sabathia.”

The Rangers are also supposedly up against the Yankees for pitcher Mark Prior, who hasn’t pitched in years because of a serious shoulder injury. Brandon Webb hasn’t pitched in two years because of a shoulder injury but the Rangers are supposedly in on him.

The Rangers are in on everybody. They talk to everybody. They explore every option and every possible combination. Kind of like the great chess master Emanuel Lasker pouring over every move on the board.

They are good at that.

They just aren’t good at containing wildfires, even one that engulfs their franchise icon.


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Trust you’re right about these MY rumors being media wildfires. He has been the heart and soul of this team thru “worse and now better”. Like Jeter he represents what’s good about baseball on and off the field.

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