Nolan Ryan Talks About Cliff Lee

Nolan Ryan spoke to the media today at the Winter Meetings:

 —  He said is he more encouraged about signing Cliff Lee than a week ago because no one has really stepped out in pursuit of Lee

— He still expects Yankees to be the highest bidder

—  Ryan said the the Rangers have not yet made an offer, the discussions so far have been preliminary

—  The Rangers feel that Lee and his agent Darek Braunecker are still trying to guage how many teams are really interested in Lee

— Ryan admitted he has concerns about the length of the contract and how far it might go. He said that Cliff Lee might be the exception, but he still has concerns.

 Stay Tuned


1 Comment

I’ve been preparing all along for Lee to sign with the Yankees. I really believe The Evil Empire will money whip him something fierce. I think if all things were equal he’d prefer to stay in Texas though. If Nolan and JD somehow pull this one off and sign Lee away from the Yankees it would be awesome.

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