Madness From the Fin and Feather Inn

Former Rangers pitcher Bobby Witt, now a player’s agent, was walking through the lobby of the Swan and Dolphin Resort, when he was asked if he knew where Cliff Lee was going to pitch next year.

“Japan,” Witt said. “Fifty million a year.”

He was joking

Maybe a Japanese team is the one that has offered the seven-year deal.

Or it could be the Nationals.

One source said the Nationals are in on Cliff Lee. Another source said the Nationals are not, it’s between the Rangers and the Yankees.

All other viewpoints have been disregarded, but it is known that at 12:30 p.m., Lee’s agent Darek Braunecker, went to have lunch.

He did said that he was going to speak with the Rangers later today.

“I don’t know if we’re going to meet but we are going to visit later,” Braunecker said.

Not sure the difference between a meeting and a visit but…

Chris Lyngos of the Rangers has been named Traveling Secretary of the Year by his peers.

The Rangers are moving to 103.3 FM next season on the radio, but that is not official. Just a report by Richie Whitt. They were on The FAN and KRLD. Weren’t they?

Talked with Red Sox manager Terry Francona 1-on-1 in the lobby today and he told me exclusively, “Hey TR, good to see you.”

Chad McDonald used to be a lowly clubhouse assistant for the Rangers. Now he is the Mets director of scouting, just hired by Mets GM Sandy Alderson. Gene Watson, another former clubhouse assistant, is the Royals coordinator of professional scouting. Perry Minansian is the Blue Jays pro scouting director.

The Athletics are interested in Vladimir Guerrero.

The Swan and Dolphin Resort may be the most unattractive piece of architecture in the Western Hemishpere.

The prices are another thing…




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