Braunecker: Rangers talks positive, productive

Darek Braunecker, the agent for pitcher Cliff Lee, confirmed he met with the Rangers on Monday.

Asked to describe the discussions, Braunecker said, “Positive…productive.”

Asked about his talks with the Yankees, Braunecker said, “Same thing.”

Braunecker said that he has met with other teams about Lee beyond the Rangers and the Yankees.

“We’ve met with quite a few teams,” Braunecker said.

Length of contract is still a big issue in these discussions. Lee will get somewhere between a 5-7 year deal at over $20 million annually. The Rangers would like to go five years. The Yankees could go 6-7.

“We’re just making progress,” Braunecker said.

Braunecker said he will meet with the Rangers again but hasn’t confirmed a set time.

“There’s nothing that prohibits us from meeting with them as many times as we need,” Braunecker said.

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Washington & Lee… some History there, but not in MLB. That seven year sounded unrealistic to a Nats budget. They can’t play in a $200mm skiff and stay monetarily afloat. SMOKE!
I think the big “Q” is whether NYY will go CC money? Surely they can’t show their underbelly by saying “No Way”. Do they hold an Ace in hand by getting ‘last bid’, with details of the Rangers ‘top bow shot’? Will Rangers do a ‘full court press’ and push that CC figure to the hilt, forcing the Yanks to ALL IN or FOLD? I don’t think Yank Brass want to be upended, by the brash young Daniels… once again. Is John Daniels the one that actually shoots Liberty “Yank” Valance or is that still just an old dusty song? Can’t wait for the dust to clear. Pow Pow

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