Thanksgiving…while waiting for Cliff Lee to sign


Cold water shallows. Life
Persists in being such e

xcept for moments which forms islands of delightJames Sullivan, In Order of Appearance


John and Helen


I think the 49ers are losing again


His name is Elvis. He is at least 13 years old. I never have any clue what’s going through his head.


Toby is just nuts


Boys and girls, the years just fly by



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Nice. Happy Holidays, T.R. and thanks for all you do.
P.S.- All those Southeastern Oklahoma backroads and lonely West Texas highways have special meaning to me. My mother graduated from Boswell High and my dad is a graduate of Bokchito High, which is now Blue Consolidated, I believe. My brother played the football game of his life at the old Denison Football stadium that sat behind a Salvage Yard. I single handedly beat Sherman Piner Middle School with a fumble recovery, interception, and 50 yard 1st down reception (that’s how I remember it anyway). I know Bryan and Choctaw county like I know the desolate beauty of a lo Highway 82 and a dusty Highway 380 as the mind wonders and becomes transfixed on the life of the townfolk of Throckmorton, Seymour, and Benjamin to name a few. I live in Austin now and it seems that my Ranger’s fandom has come full circle now that I my heroes Triple A affiliate is in Round Rock. The memory of that Sundberg walkoff, while my dad carried me out of Arlington Stadium as I fell asleep to the roar of a jubilant chorus of fans, will be with me forever. It was my first thought after Nelson’s shot dropped into the stands in the greatest moment in Texas Ranger Baseball History. Somewhere at the Ballpark that night someone else was carried out of that stadium in their dad’s arms to the roar of their favorite baseball memory. Its what has made this game great for generations. Keep up the great work T.R., you make it all come alive!

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