Rangers have second meeting with Lee

The Rangers met with free agent pitcher Cliff Lee and agent Darek Braunecker on Tuesday morning in Arkansas, general manager Jon Daniels said Wednesday.

Daniels and club president Nolan Ryan were at the meeting. This is the second time the Rangers have met with Lee since the season ended. They and the Yankees are considered the two front-runners competing for Lee.

Daniels declined to say if the Rangers have made a specfic offer to Lee.

Lee could make his decision at some point during the Winter Meetings that start Sunday in Florida.


1 Comment

I think Lee is the Best Pitcher the Rangers have ever had besides Nolan Ryan. I remember the days when the Rangers couldn’t ever side anybody of Lee’s ablilies. If they can get him there is no telling where the Rangers can go from there. I think if they get him I think they can get anybody they want to sign. I wish the Rangers all the luck in the world in signing him.

I have followed the Rangers every since they moved to Texas and this is the best team they have ever had. Can’t wait till next year. I don’t think they can be stopped next year.


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