German, Mathis, McCarthy outrighted off the roster

Esteban German, pitcher Doug Mathis and pitcher Brandon McCarthy have all been out-righted off the 40-man roster. All are taking their free agency. Also pitcher Scott Feldman has undergone right knee surgery and will be limited at the beginning of Spring Training.

German was on the club’s Division Series roster, but did not appear in a game in the postseason.  He went 3-for-13 (.231) with 5 runs scored in 13 games with Texas as a September call-up.  German spent the entire season with Oklahoma City (AAA), batting .280 with 5 home runs, 27 doubles, and 55 RBI in 126 games.  He ranked second in the Pacific Coast League with 50 steals this season.

 Mathis was on the Opening Day roster and went 1-1 with a 6.04 ERA (15 ER/22.1 IP) in 13 relief appearances for Texas in 2010.  He was 5-7 with a 5.66 ERA (56 ER/89.0 IP) in 18 games/15 starts for Oklahoma City (AAA) this season.  Mathis was recalled for a final stint with Texas on Sept. 28, but did not appear in the team’s final homestand, and was not with the club during the postseason.

 McCarthy spent the season with Oklahoma City (AAA), going 4-2 with a 3.36 ERA (21 ER/56.1 IP) in 11 games/9 starts.  He had three different stints on the disabled list with the RedHawks, the last of which resulted in being placed on the Rangers 60-day disabled list on July 29 with right shoulder inflammation.  He ended the year on the Texas 60-day DL, although he never appeared in the big leagues in 2010.

 With these moves, the Rangers have 31 players on the club’s 40-man roster, plus 3 players still on the 60-day disabled list: Omar Beltre, Eric Hurley, and Guillermo Moscoso.


Whoa! I THOUGHT MCCARTHY WAS FARTHER ALONG THAN DANKS! FARTHER ALONG THE DISABLED LIST! DO WE EVEN GET ANYTYPE OF THOSE VAUNTED DRAFT PICKS FOR HIM? SO IN ESSENCE WE TRADED A FIRST ROUND LEFT HANDED # 1 DRAFT PICK FOR NOTHING???????? It is a good thing that DANIELS has a World Series Appearance to keep anyone from barbequeing him for that one. You never, never, never ever trade your #1 pitching prospects. Darling, Righetti, Clyde, Danks. If Lee doesn’t re-sign here then i say Beavan……NO ONE ELSE AND I MEAN NO ONE does what we do!

Well, bm, at least you can take consolation in the fact that Daniels is headed out of town to New York, right? Hahahaha

You have no clue what you’re talking about. You really don’t. No one else, huh? lol It’s called risk/reward. If it was as easy as you made it out to be, every team would be the Yankees. Grow up.

I shouldn’t respond to the bm/d’god but I can’t help myself. I feel it necessary for those who are not regulars to this blog. I will respond if for no other reason to point out that bm/d’god is a tired old act on here spewing the same idiotic things. This is my second season to read his rants with disgust and utter amazement at the apparent baseball stupidity. So, here goes.

McCarthy, Danks, Volquez, and Diamond complaints are too old to hash out any longer. The truth is that Daniels DID get barbecued for that trade and I believe that trade taught him something because he has not made any others like it. According to YOUR philosophy bm/d’god, we should not have traded the erratic, injured, steroid using Volquez for Josh Hamilton. Volquez is a great young pitcher but had we NOT made that trade, we don’t enjoy this year’s World Series as a favored participant.

Next, your example of bad young pitcher trades is Darling, Righetti, and Clyde. I agree that Darling and Terrell for Mazzilli playing the idiot’s position was not a good move. But, JD did NOT make that trade. Dave Righetti was part of a 10 player swap that netted one of the top closers in baseball at the time, Sparky Lyle. The Rangers, and we the fans salivated over the prospects of the lefty righty closer tandem of Kern and Lyle. While the trade worked out better for the Yanks, it wasn’t like the Rangers got nothing in return.

Finally, David Clyde on your list of #1’s you NEVER EVER trade? Seriously? But, let’s break it down. We ruined David Clyde, then sent him with Willie Horton to the Indians for John Lowenstein and Tom Buskey. We got some very average, maybe below, play from Lowenstein who was a versatile player. The Indians were so happy to have Clyde and he did so well for them that they traded him and OF Jim Norris back to the Rangers for Mike Bucci, Gary Gray, and Larry McCall. Wow. Your evidence to prove your point is so underwhelming.

bm/d’god: NO ONE ELSE AND I MEAN NO ONE thinks like you do. I hope you don’t apply this kind of logic to your profession.

And to continue a theme for those of you who don’t know him…brad m/ alias D’god is actually a cop on a force near Fort Worth…or at least he was. Can you imagine him using that warped thinking out there to protect us. I used to teach cops….he would never have made it thru my classes.

No GM ever makes all his trades to please the fans. JD is learning and the proof of that is that the team made it into post season…will some of these trades come back to haunt us…of course they will! That’s hindsight and it makes “trolls” like d’god look reasonable once a year.

Can you imagine after the season we had …all this guy can do is bring up David Clyde…whose got to be 60 if he’s a day….Hey D’god wanna trot him out there for opening day??

I meanwhile hope Cliff Lee wants to keep his kids in Arkansas and pitch for the Rangers.

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