Bengie Molina World Series blog

Bengie Molina has his own blog and is updating it during the World Series. Molina got a huge ovation from Giants fans during the pre-game ceremonies before Game 1. Here is the link to his blog:


Last night was tough to watch because we care so much for the Ranger team…TEAM being the key word. It wasn’t the best night for most of you guys, but you all never quit…never gave up. We believe in your team effort…believe that tonight will be different…believe that when this series is over, the Texas Rangers will be the World Champions! Go get ‘um, Rangers!!!

Thursday night’s game was even tougher to watch because I KNOW you guys are just as good as SF. Except for Holland, the Rangers pitching wasn’t bad. I try to believe the ump is unbiased towards the Giants, but sometimes I wonder. And, Washington probably should have taken Holland out sooner, but it’s done and onto the next game.

What I noticed the Giants doing differently is they placed most of their scoring hits down the third or first base line, not so much pops into outfield because Rangers can get those as well as the Giants can. Having grown up playing baseball, I know the feel of a bat and how to envision placing that ball just where you need it to go. Tell your batters, don’t swing up so much, trying to get homers…those are rare, and tougher against a World Series team. (Okay, I did feel for Kinsler last night…that had to be devastating it didn’t go over.) Instead, like SF, trying achieving just the doubles or singles by hitting down the baselines. Bouncers or line drives, whereever SF outfielders aren’t covering that’s where you’ve GOT to place that ball. The Giants are doing that, and that’s the only advantage I see they’ve got over the Rangers. Ranger batters have got to think it through, be watching from the bench for the place of weakness in the In or Outfield and PLACE that ball there. SF didn’t hit a lot of homers last night but they wittled away at the score with settling for baseline hits. Of course, it’s easy for me to say that, since I didn’t swing at a ball wizzing by at 89 or 98 mph, but I BELIEVE you guys CAN do it!!!! You have worked too hard to get here…and I’ve been a fan since the 70s when David Clyde was supposed to take us to the series w/his pitching. You guys are the closest the Rangers will come in my lifetime, because you’ve got the team spirit, it’s not just about your individual abilities. If Rangers take a chance and TRY what SF has already figured out, whether here or in SF stadium, I believe, like David slaying Goliath, the Rangers can bring down the Giants!!!!

P.S. – I will be praying for Jamie. I not only have faith in you guys, but have been a recipient of God’s grace and healing through prayer and I know it works. I think you guys are so outstanding, not just as ball players, but as everyday Christian people to be such examples of heroes to kids and adults alike; you ALL are truly amazing to watch and we are so proud all your hard work as gotten you to the World Series. Thanks for making every night this past summer, and now this week, so exciting! You don’t know how many of us (well into middle age) feel like kids in the stands again!!

It has to be so exciting to play in the World Series. I watched both games and yes while being disappointed I know that you never gave up. The Rangers will take it all! I believe in you and your love for the game. Once you get back home and play I just know that you’ll settle down and have fun out on the field. It looked to me that you were nervous ( I know I would be ) but ya’ll rock. YOU ALL DESERVE THIS ! I can’t wait till Saturday, I know once ya’ll step foot on your home turf you’ll do ok. You’ll regain your confidence and the nerves will go away. Please know that you have people cheering you on all the time. And there are so many of us that believe in you. You are a TEAM I have seen it on the field. Have fun saturday ok ….it’s just ya’ll playing ball with God …… have fun ! I’ll be cheering from my living room ….hope ya’ll hear me ! LET’S PLAY BALL !!!! GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!

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