Grieve staying but Lewin let go by Rangers

The Rangers today announced that the club has signed Tom Grieve to a three-year contract extension as the club’s television analyst on Fox Sports Southwest and TXA21. The new agreement carries Grieve, who has been on the team’s telecasts since 1995, through the 2013 season.
It was also announced that television play-by-play announcer Josh Lewin will not return for 2011.
“After several discussions over the last few months, the Texas Rangers and Josh Lewin have agreed to end their relationship and move ahead in different directions,”  club president Nolan Ryan said in a news release. “As a result, Josh will not be returning as the Rangers television announcer in 2011. We wish Josh the very best for the future.”
“I would like to thank the Rangers for nine wonderful years,” said Lewin. “I respect the team’s leadership and vision and wish them nothing but the best as well.”
Lewin has been on Rangers’ telecasts since 2002. The club will immediately begin its search for a play-by-play broadcaster to work with Grieve on the Fox Sports Southwest and TXA21 telecasts.  



Yeah, he is also one of baseballs biggest homers.

Thank God!!!! He never knew when to shutup. I’ll bet Grieve reupping was contingent upon Lewin leaving. You could tell there were several times this year when TAG just wanted to strangle Josh. Don’t let the door hit ya…

Josh and Tag were a great combination. Josh is a class act and good broadcaster. I am very surprised at this decision.
Just please don’t get Dave Barnett……the guy is so boring.
Good luck Josh, the Ranger fans will miss you !!

Well that stinks! I liked Josh and the way he and Tom worked together. Please, Please, PLEASE don’t replace him with Dave Barnett!!!!

Josh Lewin is one of the classiest announcers in baseball. His combination of insight and humor is entertaining and unique in a league of mostly talking heads. I sure wish he would come back to Detroit, where he was the best thing about Tigers baseball in the late ’90s-early ’00s.

THIS is REALLY depressing. I LOVE Josh & Tag! They have SUCH a great chemistry together! Just the right mix of humor, but yet do their jobs to keep us up with what’s going on. It’s just not the same when he’s not there, kind of like when football season starts, and Knox isn’t there either. Hope to see him soon, possibly with the Chargers? Maybe radio. Either way, you and your “BALLGAME” will be sorely missed!

He will be missed. He is a great broadcaster, and he is a Ranger fan. I am shocked and suprised at the decision by the organization.


I’m going to miss Josh. His wittiness was the best. I enjoyed listening to him as much as watching the game itself. Good luck Josh! Ballgame!!

I loved Josh’s humor that he would inject in the broadcast. If anyone was leaving, I was hoping it would be Jim Knox. Oh, well. I hope we can get a good replacement for Josh.

Being a 100+ game viewer a year, I am very frustrated about this decision and will miss Josh Lewin very much! He and TAG are a great combination that adds an element that the other announcing crews simply don’t have. I love hearing Josh’s knowledge and humor and feel like I know the guys as personal friends

God bless you, Lewin! It won’t be the same without you. I hope I will still be able to hear the “BALLGAME” on Fox Saturday baseball!

I’m glad Lewin is finally gone!! Now if they can get rid of the guy on radio that would at least give them some positive energy in the media,which they haven’t had since Hamilton passed away.

Having wated baseball games on TV in other markets, I can greatly appreciate how good of a team we have on TV. I’m sure this was a tough decision by both parties, and has something to so with Josh’s responsibilities with the Chargers. I will miss him. My recommendation for his replacement: Eric Nadel.

I liked Lewin but the friction between he and TAG were obvious this year. He’ll be missed. I just hope the front office doesn’t settle. And with Nolan in charge, I don’t see that happening.

I’m sad to hear about Josh, but I don’t think Tom enjoyed being on the same team. PLEASE GET RID OF DAVE BARNETT!! He is so bad!! He always announces the call after the fans have already reacted. A good deal of the time he’s saying things that don’t even make sense! How can anyone work with this guy…can you say minor league announcer.

I’m sad to hear about Josh, but I don’t think Tom enjoyed being on the same team. PLEASE GET RID OF DAVE BARNETT!! He is so bad!! He always announces the call after the fans have already reacted. A good deal of the time he’s saying things that don’t even make sense! How can anyone work with this guy…can you say minor league announcer.

I’m sad to hear about Josh, but I don’t think Tom enjoyed being on the same team. PLEASE GET RID OF DAVE BARNETT!! He is so bad!! He always announces the call after the fans have already reacted. A good deal of the time he’s saying things that don’t even make sense! How can anyone work with this guy…can you say minor league announcer.

Send the talent to San Diego and offer extensions to the spares… Some things never change around here! I’m looking forward to 3 more years of cookie talk with Tom Grieve… Ugh.

The great Joni Mitchell wrote – “don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

Just wait until Josh’s replacement is named, and the Rangers TV broadcast is as dull and boring listening to someone read phone book out loud. Then you will appreciate Josh’s tremendous preparation for every game (ever noticed that he rarely if ever made a mistake on stats or player’s name) and the humor that made a very long season more enjoyable (especially when the Rangers were losing).

New ownership has done many things right since taking over in August – this is their first big mistake.

Good Luck Josh – you’ll be missed

I LOVE JOSH!!!!! Huge mistake. Very disappointing news. Josh made the game interesting – when it wasn’t. First bad decision of the new ownership team.

marla, you can’t claim it’s a mistake until you find out

a) who the replacement is
b) How they interact with Tom, and you really need the 2011 season to dictate that.

Having said that, I hope they don’t promote Dave Barnett. I’m NOT a fan of his.


I gotta say, I found this news pretty disappointing. I thought they were pretty good together. Josh cracked me up. Tom gives good insight. Bummer…

Major disappointment in not bringing back Josh! If anything give Dave Barnett the hook, and move Tom to the radio booth with Eric. Although I respect Tom for his overall knowledge, he very seldom interjects real baseball wisdom during the broadcast, spending far too much time thanking people for bring them cookies. I know most anybody that is real good already has a job, we can only hope to find someone like Ralph & Razor on the Stars broadcasts.

Wow, I think that’s a big mistake. Josh was the only one keeping me sane while TAG threw out 7,581 thank yous for cookies, brownies, kleenex boxes, and other random pastries. I want to hear about baseball and not feel like I’m watching the food network.

Huge mistake. The wrong man was resigned. To have a man, who was single-handedly responsible for the Ranger steroid era, be your color commentator, is beyond me. He didn’t mix well with Josh because he’s a crumudgeon. Josh added life to a boring tv sport. He will be missed. I’d say that I’ll listen to the radio team, but they are just as poor. Bad move Ryan nad Greenberg. Way to reward a buddy.

I, too am disappointed that Josh is leaving. His sense of humor and baseball knowledge was fantastic. With others, I do hope to see a replacement for Dave Barnett. His delivery is poor and once he actually called Nelson Cruz, Jose Cruz. Eric Nadel is a Hall of Fame announcer and he deserve a better sidekick. Glad Tom Grieve is staying and hope the team finds a suitable partner.

Enjoyed listening to Josh and Tom. I have especially appreciated their work together since we have DISH which dropped FoxSportSouthwest and now have to listen to the nonsense from TBS. I thought they did as well together as any 2 people could.

I agree with the majority here who love Josh. It IS a mistake to let his talent go. Someone so professional, knowledgable, entertaining and likeable will surface with another club who appreciates him. Too bad for Ranger fans.

I am sad. I liked the combination but all good things must come to an end and it might just be for the best. I really liked Josh and wish him well. I do wish that they would STOP announcing all the food that people bring them. A simple “thank you to all those who brought us goodies tonight” is sufficient. I get hungry just listening and I look at TAG and know that he doesn’t eat all those goodies. Please consider just an overall thank you.

I’ve watched Josh and Tom call hundreds of games…I think this was a mistake. Maybe they didn’t mesh well on a personality level but I liked the team. Josh had a certain spunk you just don’t find in baseball announcers. Watch an Astros broadcast from time to time…it will put you to sleep. Josh had a way to interject current events, pop culture, movies, whatever when the game was slow or a blowout. As a younger viewer I appreciated that. I have a feeling next season will be dull. Sorry Josh, I think you will be sorely missed! Some other MLB team is going to get lucky.

Hopefully, the replacement has the same level of passion and excitement as Josh… objective commentator with that type of passion is rare.

I have never heard anyone I wanted gone more than Josh!
bring in someone who will talk baseball not movies etc,
McLamore or someone like him, there are people in the organization who could do it and do it better, especialy with Tom (who is great!)

I have never heard anyone I wanted gone more than Josh!
bring in someone who will talk baseball not movies etc,
McLamore or someone like him, there are people in the organization who could do it and do it better, especialy with Tom (who is great!)

I am sad to hear this. We love Josh and Tom together.
We will miss him. We wish him the best.
Sandy and Jack

Josh always kept the game interesting for me. He had knowledge of the game he was rarely credited with. Conversations about a double A game 30 years ago that had similarities or a tie-in with the game that was currently unfolding. With so much down time in a baseball game, he always kept the energy level up. He was a good counter balance to Tag’s “straight man” personality. He was the “Madden” to Tag’s “Summerall” in the booth.
As sad as I was when Mark Holtz had to leave, I’m angry about Josh leaving. Mr. Holtz’s departure was epicly tragic and unavoidable. Josh’s leaving was a choice. A choice I wish could have gone differently.
I hope Bill Jones gets consideration as none of the other options mentioned or heard while serving fill-in duty are interesting.
Thanks for the fun Josh.

My family was disappointed to read Josh Lewin is leaving the Rangers. He is the best in baseball broadcasting. Who
could possibly replace his talent of facts and entertainment?
Please reconsider letting him leave.

I think its a pretty safe bet to say that Eric Nadel is the peoples choice for Lewin’s replacement. Anyone else will be a dissapointment.

Also, Its hard for me to believe Josh Lewin is a true rangers fan anyway. He does Chargers games every week and used to broadcast for another baseball team before the rangers. Bring in someone who actually cares about Rangers baseball. Not someone who is getting paid to care. Eric Nadel is the man for the job.

Not really happy to see Josh go, yeah he is a homer, but he was our homer.

I don’t mind Tag talking about the cookies either, it is baseball after all and cookies are a part of it.

I don’t see Eric coming to the television, he is so good at the radio broadcast and he knows it.

Please no Dave Barnett, no no no no no never… Barnett is crap on a broadcast.

Steve Busby? I would vote yes.

Mark McLemore? Another yes.

I think Josh is great, and I think he and Tom are great together. As far as thanking people for the cookies – what’s the big deal? These guys do so many games together, and some of the games can be bad ones, so who cares if they fill a little time with cookies, pop culture, etc? I’m going to miss Josh – I would love to see Eric Nadel take over, but I don’t think he will want to. He is “the voice of the Rangers”, and I think he prefers radio.

Huge mistake. but you could see it coming; it annoyed me at how giddy tom was to be paired with the Archbore, dave barnett.
Bottom line is, the only reason Tom was entertaining is because he was so different from josh, and so completely oblivious to most of what josh said — especially anything not involving cookies or yogurt.
Grieve needs to get over himself. It’s fairly clear he forced this issue. That said, I’d like to say thanks to Josh for being a great announcer and helping to make one of the most boring men in the world seem remotely entertaining.

furthermore, I hope prima donna grieve knows he isn’t quite as sly as he thinks. yes, we did notice him purposefully not taking his cues the last half of the season; going on his own boring tangents instead — we also noticed him sabotaging josh with huge amounts of dead air, leaving josh fumbling to make up for tom’s inadequacy.

So disappointed! I loved Josh’s puns and general nerdiness. He always made me smile, and he had so much enthusiasm. I downloaded his “In the air… heading up… heading out! GONE! BALLGAME!” as my ringtone. I’m really going to miss him.

I’m also glad to see I’m not the only person who does not enjoy listening to Dave Barnett. For a radio guy, he allows too much dead air, and poor Nadel has to correct Dave’s misinformation at least once or twice a broadcast. He often makes the wrong call on a play and uses outdated stats. Eric Nadel is a real professional and deserves a better partner. I’m afraid Victor Rojas would be awfully hard to tempt away from the Angels. Brian Dolgin does a nice job with Eric; maybe he deserves a shot at TV. He’s at least got the enthusiasm!

I’ll miss hearing Josh. He’s a knowledgeable announcer and seemed to be a good fit with this team of weirdos.

I think this is a huge mistake. TAG and Josh were some of the best in the broadcasting business. The games will not feel the same without Josh. All my friends are saying the same thing. Bring back Josh!!!!

This is a huge mistake. Josh and TAG were very, very interesting together and I enjoyed their chemistry. All my friends are saying the same thing. Bring back Josh!!!

I think it’s a big mistake to let Josh go. My wife and I watch nearly every game and enjoy the by play with Josh and Tom. I hate to be nasty but please not Dave Barnett.

DAFFY Duck is finally leaving us?!?! I’m glad he’s gone he has divided loyalties to begin with, and In that position I prefer one of our own to handle that gig Nolan and his crew will get us what we need in that slot I’m hope’n.. Look please don’t get me wrong Josh is a professional, he sounds like a nice guy he delivers the job, but there’s just something odd about the guy that rubs me the wrong way.

Perhaps the next game announcer WILL NOT create a ridiculous pet name for Tom Grieve… Families do that, kids do that, married couples have cutesy names for one another… But, NOT 2 GROWN MEN away from their wives for 82 dates per year. That’s just creepy. “My I call you TAG because of that neato acronym you have for your initials??!!”

Letting Josh go is a huge mistake. I’ve watched the Rangers since 1977 and he is by far my favorite announcer. He brought fun and sparkle to a very long season. My husband and I commented while watching the playoffs about how we missed Josh. He made Tom more fun too. Most announcers are so boring!!!!! I will be watching TV, turning off the sound and listening to Eric on the radio when I’m not at the game. We will miss you, Josh.

First, bootspur, the “TAG” tag has been Grieve’s nickname since his playing days. A true Rangers fan would know that and would not credit Josh for that one.
I will miss Josh Lewin because I am used to him and I like his enthusiasm. But, I also trust the new ownership that they will bring in someone that we will be completely happy with once we get used to them. This new ownership seems to have the Midas touch so let’s see what happens. And for all the Grieve haters, I don’t understand where you are coming from. This guy is a wealth of knowledge, especially about the Rangers franchise. He was #1 draft pick, starting outfielder, part of the big 3 team trade in the 70’s, returned to the organization rising to top farm director, then to General Manager. He turned the franchise around, then made one of the worst trades ever, and now he’s been back as color commentator. There is a wide variety of experience there. Add the grandpa eccentricity and you have a good mix with a good play by play man.
It’s not fair to say he is single handedly responsible for the steroid era. Unless you eyewitnessed him lining the guys up for their shots, that statement is assinine. I don’t mind hearing him thank people for their participation whether it’s brining snacks or just showing up to a road game. Tom Grieve is pure Rangers.

Finally, it’s amazing how many posts are on this subject as we are facing THE most IMPORTANT game in the history of this franchise. Baseball anyone?

This is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Josh Lewin was half the reason we enjoyed Texas baseball so much. He and Tom were the greatest team. What a perfect straight man he was for Tom. Tom isn’t going to be half as good. I don’t even feel like getting excited about tonight’s game. This is a very sad decision. You might want to re-think it.

THEY ARE LETTING THE WRONG ONE GO! If I have to listen to “Mr. Ranger” wish 14 more people a game a happy birthday then I am going to have to be “let go”. And WHO CARES if some random Texan had children and those kids moved off to Oakland and decided to go support the Rangers. Just shut up and quit talking about what Ranger fans are there. Best Tom Grieve line I ever heard in a game: “That fastball had to be somewhere in between 96 and 98 mph.” Hmmm… is it 97?

DO NOT HIRE DAVE BARNETT!!!! The best combination I’ve heard is Victor Rojas and Tom Grieve, followed closely by Steve Busby and TAG. Lots of baseball knowledge and not all the stats-only garbage tossed out by Josh Lewin.
Congratulations to OUR Rangers on winning the ALDS. Great job!!!! Now “IT’S TIME” to take out the Yankees and go to our first World Series.

What a historic moment in Rangers baseball! The only thing better would have been to hear the game winning call by Josh and Tag. That truly would have been the cherry on the cake!

I watched all but 6 or 7 games this season and I can’t tell you how upset I am about Josh leaving the broadcast. Aside from the obvious chemistry between himself and Tom, I was ALWAYS amazed at how much I learned from Josh’s insights and the endless tidbits and history that Josh would gift the audience with. It just won’t be the same.

In many ways it seems like an era has come to an end and a new one is beginning. First, we’ve broken our own curse and FINALLY have made it through to win our first ALDS. All those years of falling apart after the All-Star break are becoming smaller and smaller in our collective rear view mirrors as the Rangers as are seemingly building what could be a formidable presence in the AL West year in and year out.

Secondly, sadly, Josh is now gone. His familiar and comforting call now becomes an audible reminder of far worse times in Ranger history. Thankfully, he was here to enjoy the wonderful and amazing ride that has been the 2010 season. Now someone of undoubtedly lessor ilk will take his place at the dawning of a new era in Ranger baseball. Somehow that bothers me. It’s like having pulled Cliff Lee in the 9th of tonight’s Game 5 and not letting him finish what he started.

I just can’t imagine what in the world would have bothered Ranger’s management so much about Josh’s play by play stylings (and no one has ever stated what the problem(s) was). Having made a personal point of listening to other team’s broadcasters throughout the season, IMHO, no one was even close to Josh and Tag with the fun and excitement that they brought to the broadcast.

Not that my vote counts but count my vote of dissention for this decision. When you are lucky enough to land Cliff Lee on your team, you do whatever it takes to keep him and never let him get away (hint, hint). Thusly, when you have a broadcast team like Josh and Tag, you do what you have to to keep them with your organization as well.

If you read this Josh, on behalf of all Ranger fans, THANK YOU for 9 wonderful years. It’s been a great ride with you and Tag and I, for one, will miss you greatly. Here’s wishing you the very best in the future and I WILL be tuning in to here YOUR “Top Flight” play by play calls once again. You’re simply the best, my friend! Best of luck and . . .


My choice would be Busby followed by Rojas, but that is splitting hairs. I just like Busby’s candor. Josh was a bit much at times with his pop culture references but the Josh/TAG combo was far more entertaining and easy to listen to than many others. Take the TBS crew doing the playoffs for example. Buck Martinez doesn’t even know what inning it is or who is on what base half the time. That is annoying. It’s like listening to an alzheimer’s patient call a ballgame.

My family has enjoyed listening to Josh & Tag call for the Rangers for years now, and I have always felt they made a great team. Josh’s enthusiasm for the game and “our Rangers” was evident and his knowledge of the team on a more personal level was refreshing. Watching the postseason on TBS has only made me more acutely aware of what we are losing–the commentary is boring, lifeless and INACCURATE. I sincerely hope management will reconsider this move–it’s a sad loss for Rangers fans.

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