Hamilton speaks on his broken ribs


Josh Hamilton spoke to the media on being diagnosed with two broken ribs.

* Hamilton said he is optimistic he can play in at least 4-5 regular season games before the playoffs begin.

* He said it’s all about pain management.

* He is waiting 48-72 hours to see how much the injections help. He said he is already noticing improvement. By tomorrow, he is hoping to resume workouts.

* He said there are two ribs that have small fractures as a result of hitting the wall in Minnesota. He said a third rib was fractured but that has already started to heal.

Hamilton on the new diagnosis: “It’s almost a relief to know there was such pain for a reason. I got the injections and I already feel better. We’ll know for sure in the next few days if this will help.”

On playing again: “The biggest thing is pain management. The only thing to worry about making it worse is hitting the wall again in the exactly spot, Swinging is not going to make it worse, throwing is not going to make it worse and running isn’t going to make it worse.”

* On being optimistic: “I have to be optimistic. If not, I’m just moping around, dragging around, not doing any good for my teammates. I have to be optimistic to get back to where I want to be or need to be.”

* He could wear an NFL-style flak jacket. He has tried it on and said it does not restrict him in any way, especially when he swings.”

* On being more careful when he plays the outfield: “This close to the playoffs I’ll be smart if I can get back in there. But in the playoffs, I’m going to get after it.”



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