Hamilton has small fracture in ribs….status unknown

Report Tuesday morning from general manager Jon Daniels on Josh Hamilton:

“Josh saw Dr. Watkins this morning out here in CA.  Dr. Watkins had given Josh a CT scan and a spec scan yesterday and another CT scan today.  He diagnosed a small stable fracture in the 7th and 8th ribs, that previous tests (2 x-rays and an MRI) had not picked up.

“Dr. Watkins gave Josh an anti-inflammatory injection at the site of the discomfort, and an epidural nerve-block injection for pain management.  It is typically 48-72 hours before it’s known whether this treatment has the desired effect.  Once the discomfort recedes to a point where Josh is comfortable, he can return to baseball activities. “


Man I hate to see the epidural nerve-block injection. A lot that can go wrong with that type treatment!

I don’t see anything wrong with the injections–I’ve had several in my back and it definitely helps with the pain!! Come on Josh–relax and let the injections do their work and come back to help your team–they need you baaaad!!
Good luck!!

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