Hamilton will be sidelined for awhile

Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton is going to be sidelined for an extended period of time with a bruised left ribcage.

Hamilton went into the center field wall to make a catch on Saturday and caught his elbow between the ribs and the wall. The results weren’t good. Hamilton had to come out of the game and arrived at Target Field in considerable discomfort on Sunday.

“Not the best,” Hamilton admitted. “I can’t say for sure but all signs point to not soon. It’s not good. I feel like I have been in a car wreck.”

Hamilton had a similar injury in April of 2009 when he ran into a wall in Toronto. He missed 13 games while on the disabled list. There is no disabled list in September but there’s no doubt that’s where Hamilton would be if this were any other month of the season.

“The last time it happened, I felt a lot better after a week,” Hamilton said. “So we’ll see. It’s hard to put a time frame on it. Obviously there is no DL but at the same time…how quickly can I get out there?”

Obviously the Rangers want him at full strength for the playoffs.

“You’ve got to make the playoffs before you can worry about the playoffs,” Hamilton said. “I’m going to do what I’ve got to do to get this thing sped up. If I can function and it not get any worse, and play in pain, that’s all good. But I’ve got to be smart and not have any setbacks.”

Hamilton leads the American League with a .362 batting average. He also has 31 home runs and 97 RBI with a .414 on-base percentage and a .635 slugging percentage. The .362 batting average would be a new club record.



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