Rangers talking Mike Lowell, Jeff Francouer and Still Seeking Right Handed Bat

The Rangers are pushing hard to acquire a right handed bat before tonight’s trade deadline that will allow players to remain on the post season roster.   It appears that they are still interested Mike Lowell and talks with the Red Sox may have heated up. 

The Rangers have talked to the Mets about Jeff Francouer but they really want a right-handed hitting first baseman.

Said a club official on Francouer: “We haven’t ruled it out but not sure we’ll do it.”

The Rangers are downplaying the possibility that Lowell could be available.

 The Rangers had a deal with Boston for Lowell this past off season that would have sent C Max Ramirez to the Red Sox.  But when Lowell required surgery, the deal was off.  The Rangers and Red Sox have had talks on and off all summer about Lowell, but they appear to becoming more serious as the deadline approaches tonight.  

The Rangers are not happy with Jorge Cantu who they acquired at the non-waiver trade deadline from the Florida Marlins.

Other names mentioned in connection with the Rangers are  Reed Johnson (Dodgers) and Ryan Spilborghs (Rockies), however, the Rangers main target and appears to be Lowell and Francouer.



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