Rangers mull Ramirez; not interested in Hawpe

The Rangers are mulling the possibility of talking to the Dodgers about outfielder Manny Ramirez.

Club officials said they are considering all possibilities to improve the team and the idea of adding Ramirez’s big bat is tempting. The Rangers lineup is dominated by left-handed hitters and the Rangers have been seeking right-handed balance all season.

One club official said it’s unlikely the Rangers will land him and predicted Ramirez would remain with the Dodgers. The White Sox are also reportedly interested.

“We’re always looking,” Rangers manager Ron Washington said. “We’re going to look to try and improve.”

Ramirez, who did not play on Thursday, is one of several Dodgers to reportedly be placed on waivers as the team decides whether it’s a contender. Ramirez has made three trips to the disabled list this season, all of them because of injuries to his right leg. Twice, his calf was strained, and that’s what kept him out for more than a month until Aug. 21. He’s 2-for-9 with a pair of doubles and RBIs since returning.

Adding Ramirez would mean an outfield of him, Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz. It would leave David Murphy and Julio Borbon on the bench. It could give the Rangers a powerful lineup – especially when Cruz and Ian Kinsler come off the disabled list. But it would weaken them defensively and outfield defense has been a huge strength for the Rangers this season.

The Rangers are not interested in Brad Hawpe, who was let go by the Colorado Rockies last week and is a free agent. Hawpe is a left-handed hitter and the Rangers lineup is already loaded with left-handed hitters.

A club official said the Rangers like the player but don’t see him as a fit for their current needs.


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How is the Rangers lineup dominated by lefties? If everyone is healthy the lineup has three lefties: Hamilton Moreland and Murphy. That’s 3 out of 9 hitters…

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