Davis sent to Triple-A

Rangers first baseman Chris Davis has been sent down to Triple-A Oklahoma City.

Davis served as the Rangers first baseman after Justin Smoak was traded to the Mariners for Cliff Lee. And when second baseman Ian Kinsler was placed on the disabled list early Thursday morning, the Rangers called up Mitch Moreland from Oklahoma City.

Manager Ron Washington penciled Moreland into first base while batting eighth, and the rookie responded with a 2-for-4 performance at the plate while flying out to the wall in centerfield in one of his two outs.

Moreland will serve as the club’s left-handed hitting first baseman after the Rangers traded for right-handed infielder Jorge Cantu late Thursday afternoon.


                                                                           -Chris Cox


What happened to Cris Davis this time up from triple A. The first time we had him he looked like a decent ballplayer, but when we brought him up the second time he looked like a completely different ballplayer? What are they doing to my players in Oklahoma City? I hate breaking in new players like Cantu even though his experience as a 2nd and 3rd baseman will bring some relief to Kinsler and Young who need a practice day more than most fans know. I didn’t get a chance to watch Moreland play but understand he went 2 of 4 at the plate, but he’s still a rookie and will have to be babied until he playes like a big boy. At the expense of being accused of having an attitude problem I will constrain myself of any more bad vibes that may be pulled from this blog.

On the brite side we are Young and it is early and we have the lead, except for the Yanks who we will deal with at their designated time slot. Yes the Yanks, who we got in the middle of August. Man I cant wait to play them.

I want to congratulate the Rangers for digging deep toward the early part of the season and pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. They honestly had little help and they persevered which taught me that this is no ordinary ball club. They are truely special and if they keep the attitude and keep improving the game they will win the World Series. This is my role with the Rangers. I like the Rangers never quit and have a never say die attitude. I’m focused on success in everything the good Lord has put on my plate and intend to win, I’m destined to win and prove my worthiness. It is a burning desire that people say they can see in everything I touch. A passionate desire to hush my critics and succeed in life. I will win Sullivan, if you were a gambling man I would tell you to bet on me. Enough about me though I’m going to make it regardless.

Teagarden seemed to have had a good game for a change in the majors. Which is understandable for Teagarden who has two good catchers plowing away before him.(Treanor and Molina) Overall I think the management is right and should be concentrating on our infield. Young, Kinsler, and Andrus need overhauls and need to pull themselves back up by their boot-straps.

But in the end it is way to go Rangers you are doing it. Keep it up and contribute to the game and you will go far.

Abilene, Texas

The world of baseball is filled with 2nd year players who just couldn’t progress from their first year or even duplicate it. When we were kids their rookie cards were sought after only to end up in our bicycle spokes the next year. Chris Davis and Justin Smoak arewo players who this applies to. The only reason either of them lasted as long as they did is that we have an all-star laden lineup with a ton of 300 hitter to balance out their sub-Mendoza performances…and to be fair in Davis’s case he’s a fine fielder…no he’s even better than fine…but we’re in a pennant streach and Moreland and Cantu make more sense to me. This is especially true since Teagarden will play 1 in 5. One homer doesn’t mean the kid is back. We are looking good. At least 32 more wins and we got it!

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