Monday Morning Manager…Maldives Independence Day

Big day for the Maldives…

You know the Maldives. That’s the island country in the middle of the Indian Ocean that’s about five feet above the ocean. Lowest country in the world.

So while they are dancing in the streets of Male with the oce
Monday_Morning_Manager.jpgan lapping at their feet, the Rangers are sitting seven games ahead of the Angels in the American League West.

But here come the Oakland Athletics and they are still in this thing too. Of course they lost Ben Sheets to an elbow injury while the Angels were getting Dan Haren and the Rangers were getting Cliff Lee.

The Athletics are looking for a new stadium as well while the Rangers are still looking for new owners. Apparently Mark Cuban is still in this thing. He was at the Ballpark in Arlington last week, possibly kicking the tires and looking under the hood.

Has to like what he sees but Chuck Greenberg was still in the front row for Sunday’s game, a few seats down from Nolan Ryan and George W. Bush.

Bush received a sustained standing ovation when he was introduced during the middle of the second inning. Nary a boo in the mix.

Rangers fans are certainly giddy these days.

1. Jorge Cantu, Ty Wigginton or sit tight with Joaquin Arias?

2. Is Dan Haren going to change things in the American League West this year.

3. Scott Feldman, Rich Harden or Derek Holland?

4. Any concerns about Vladimir Guerrero’s baserunning or his current slump?

5. Are the Rangers going to run away from the division?

Happy Maldives Day!!!



1. — I?d prefer Ty Wigginton: he hits .279 vs lefties ? which is okay, has some pop in his bat. More importantly ? can play third base (572 games at 3B in his career) ? I?m thinking Michael Young needs some additional rest days this year.

2. — Hard to say ? the Angels sent a member of the current rotation in the trade ? so it?s not that they added an arm ? they just replaced one ? albeit with a pretty good pitcher. It?s too early to count the Angels out ? but they certainly didn?t help their cause this past weekend in Arlington.

3. — Stick with Feldman until Holland is ready.

4. — Not too worried about Vlad?s current batting slump right now ? check back with me in a couple of weeks. Major, major, major, major problems with his baserunning. Josh Lewin gave a stat out the other day ? Vlad?s made 8 outs on the bases this season (so far, not including Sunday). I know Vlad?s a unique talent, former MVP etc. etc, – however ? like most of us he?s not as young as he used to. Ron Washington needs to use his ?player friendly skills? and sit down with Vlad and to make the point ? no hammer home the point ? that as much as the Rangers like aggressive baserunning ? they don?t need or want it from Vlad anymore.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of the appointed rounds – however a barking dog (like our old pal Toby?) might stop them – today is also the birthday of the US Postal System ? established July 26, 1775

I’m only going to do 3 and 5 this am….
3. Feldman until Holland is absolutely ready. Feldman to dl and rehab. I don’t care where Harden goes.
5. No they are not going to run away from the division. We got lucky this weekend to go 3 and one with LA…How many more times do we face them???? Way too many. And Oakland is coming on…and how many games do we have with them?
I think we’ll need 95 wins!

1. Ty Wiggington. Should be cheaper and a bit better offensively.
2. I don’t think trading away one of there better pitchers for a good pitcher makes them any better. This trade looks good from a Rangers point of view.
3. Tough call, but if they are all healthy, I take Holland.
4. Not concerned about the slump, but the baserunning is out of control. Time to get this fixed before it’s too late.
5. Too many games against division rivals to say we’re running away, but it’s a good start. I’m new to this…when is it too early to start mentioning magic numbers (currently 56)

1. Don’t give up any decent prospects for one of those spares. Sit tight unless another good bat becomes available.

2. Haren is good, but I don’t think he will be able to help the Angels overtake the Rangers. He can help keep the Angels in 2nd place in the division to fight off the upcoming A’s.

3. Give Harrison a start or two until Holland is ready.

4. RW needs to be sure that Vlad is exempt from the aggressive base running campaign. The guys are getting a little too aggressive on the base paths.

5. I think we have the talent and capability to end the season with a 10+ game lead.

Number 1, big tex, you’d also complain if the guys weren’t aggressive enough on the bases, or at least the majority would. I see absolutely no problems with the way they run the bases, discounting Vlad of course. They need to keep doing what they’re doing.

Qouc, this isn’t just ‘replacing’ a pitcher with another. Dan Haren is easily worth the 12.5 mil for the next couple years, and Saunders isn’t even worth the 5-7 mil he will make from arb next year. Huge upgrade for the Angels (though I’d like to see Haren give up a ton of home runs at the Ballpark, since he already gives up a few too many).

How many times are you people (who are supposed to be Ranger’s fans) say ‘oh, we just got lucky.’ That is getting so old, it makes me despair for the future of the Rangers if our fans don’t even think we can do it. You people are ridiculous, every comment has no value, and this will be the last time I ever post on this site again. Not because of you T.R., but because of the ‘fans’ here.

1. Make mine Wiggington. I like his fire and versatility. My guess is that a change of scenery would suit him just fine.

2. Don’t think Haren is that much of an upgrade over Saunders. Both the Angels and A’s still scare me, but all signs point to this being the Rangers year.

3. Holland for sure. Don’t see Scottie coming around and think Hardin is a lost cause.

4. More concerned about his baserunning. His slump will be temporary, but his basepaths gaffes are coming every day now.

5. No, won’t runaway from the Angels or A’s. But having two rivals works for us as they will tend to cancel each other out.

This is why we are Monday Morning Manager dude!!

1. Cantu was at the Ballpark in Arlington yesterday… he was walking around the warning track with a collar and a leash. Are the Rangers scouting him. He’s playing like a dog.
2. Haren makes them better for this year and next but their offense is weak
3. Stay with Feldman
4. He seems like he is excessively trying to prove to people that he is healthy.
5. No way

1. sit tight. thre’s really not much of an upgrade to be had out there without shelling out for Dunn.

2. no. Dan Harren is over rated

3. Holland

4. Concern’s about his base running, but not about his slump. That happens. In fact, I’m concerned about the base running of several guys on the team. Too many outs on the bases will shoot you in the foot.

5. maybe.


1. Jorge Cantu. He is big strong, has a proven bat, and is from Texas…we might actually get to resign him after the season is over.
2. Dan Haren will make the race to the finish line much harder for us; but then again he is not Cliff Lee.
3. Derek Holland: Young, Strong, and when healthy almost un-hittable.
4. No and No
5. The Rangers need to be challenged all the way to the end. They need to be prepared for the post season.

1. Jorge Cantu. He is big strong, has a proven bat, and is from Texas…we might actually get to resign him after the season is over.
2. Dan Haren will make the race to the finish line much harder for us; but then again he is not Cliff Lee.
3. Derek Holland: Young, Strong, and when healthy almost un-hittable.
4. No and No
5. The Rangers need to be challenged all the way to the end. They need to be prepared for the post season.

Cantu vs Wiggington- I’ll take Cantu. He’s a native Texan and four years younger. Would either be around next year? Who knows. But, I think there’s a better shot Cantu would be. Probably wouldn’t take much to acquire him either with Morrison knocking on the door.

Dan Haren is a great pitcher. He may not affect the west this year but, my stomach turns when I think about what the Halos gave for him. Even worse, it’s not a one year rental situation. We’ll get a steady dose of Haren for the next few years. Making it that much more important to resign Lee.

It would be best for the team for Feldman to hold down the job with the contract he signed during the off season but, I don’t see it happening. Harden’s last start in AAA was encouraging. I like the idea of more seasoning for Holland in AAA. What I would do is go with Harden. Move Feldman to the bullpen, a role he’s been really good at, for Nippert, and keep Holland in OKC. It would be nice to move one of Feldman or Harden but, I don’t see it happening.

No concern’s at all about Vlad. The aggressive base running is part of his game. And even slumping, he’s still effective because he commands respect each and every pitch.

Will the Rangers runaway with the West? I’d like to say yes but, probably not. I will predict a five game lead at season’s end.

1. Cheaper. More versatile.
2. Haren, ace starter. He will keep them close but probably not enough because they lost the underrated lefty. However, he will make our lives tougher for the next few years.
3. Harden, with Scott in the pen.
4. Aggressive play has been an attribute of the Champion Angels for years. It puts constant pressure on the opposing defenses. Don’t worry about it. Encourage it. It makes us a real threat.
5. Yes, but not into double digits. Too much good pitching left in the west.

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