Daniels talks Trade Deadline

General manager Jon Daniels talked about the Trade Deadline as the Rangers continue to pursue Marlins infielder Jorge Cantu and possibly Orioles infielder Ty Wigginton.

Daniels on the Angels acquiring Danny Haren: “I’m not surprised. Not that we knew about it in advance but they are a well-run organization and they are opportunistic, I don’t think we expected them not to improve their club. They got a very good pitcher.”

On the Rangers doing something this week: “We’re going to survey the market and see if there is something out there. If there is something that can help the ballclub, we’re going to move on it. That’s the same today as it was yesterday. This whole week there will be a lot conversations.”

On the Rangers focusing on right-handed hitting backup corner infielder: “We’re open to improving the club. Let’s leave it at that. But it has to be a clear improvement. We’re not going to just shuffle the deck.”

Daniels said the Rangers are operating under the same financial constraints although the Rangers could get relief if U.S. Bankruptcy Court has Major League Baseball increase the line of credit.

Said Daniels, “If there is an opportunity to improve the club, we’ll go through the proper channels. We want to be good citizens but we won’t let an opportunity go by without at least looking into it.”


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