Teagarden replaces Treanor

The Rangers are calling up catcher Taylor Teagarden from Triple A Oklahoma City and placing Matt Treanor on the disabled list. Treanor sprained his knee in Friday’s game against the Angels. Teagarden is hitting .242 with three home runs and 32 RBI in 190 at-bats at Double A Frisco.

The Rangers had multiple options, including Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Max Ramirez. But they are going with Teagarden because of his defensive skills and ability to control the running game.


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I dont get why they don’t call up Saltalamacchia. Teagarden is hitting .242 in AA. Salty is hitting .250 in AAA. Salty has the defense, just had a problem getting the ball back to the pitcher for a short time. He fixed that in May. He is a switch hitter that can play 1st base and relieve Davis when he starts pushing. He could come up under Molina and learn a ton.

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