Mathis in Detroit…Nippert to the disabled list

The Rangers have not announced a roster move but pitcher Doug Mathis is here in Detroit. He is working out on the field with Darren Oliver. .Dustin Nippert is going on the disabled list after getting hit in the head by a line drive in Mondays game. The Rangers have not had to put a reliever on the disabled list this season.


Hope Dustin is well and back soon. what do you think about sending Chris Davis back to AAA, and making David Murphy the everyday first baseman. we need his bat in the lineup everyday. thanks

Fantastic idea. Anybody can simply stand at first base and catch the ball. Right? Besides defensive needs are highly overrated.

It’s a little knee-jerk on Davis, I think. It’s not like he’s striking out several times a day. He’s hitting the ball sharply, just right at infielders. He’s drawing some walks, too. Until he’s wasting at bats (striking out), there’s no need to send down his corner defense.

Those line drives will start finding holes soon enough. He’s got a good line against Galarraga, let’s see what happens.

Moving Feldman to the ‘pen? Now that’s a smart baseball move.

Anthony…are you still out there in the land of oz? Actually I asked the same question about a week ago. Mine was more along the line of has anyone on the team looked into Murphy at 1st base. If he’s limited I guess that’s a no go…but I’ve seen some awfully limited 1st basemen in my time, At least Murphy is hitting and Davis well…his sub Mendoza performance can hardly be called hitting! There are a number of pitchers in the NL who are doing better.

Wasn’t there a Murphy at first experiment in the Spring/early season. If memory serves it was extremely short lived, leading me to believe it did not go well.

It’s too early to give up on Davis. He is hitting the ball sharply and under rating defense is a huge mistake. The hits will start to fall. You can tell he is concentrating on not swinging at the breaking stuff in the dirt. He looks good to me. Elvis just went 0 for 25 and I wanna keep him too.

Yes, fred, still in exile… What the Rangers could use is a right handed 1st baseman, to platoon with Davis. It’s the job Garko was supposed to do. But the financial situation… But all is not lost; I recall that D’god fancies himself a wizz at trading, and I’m sure he could engineer a trade with the Twins to get us Mauer and Morneau for a few cast offs. May as well fix the catcher problem at the same time….

Garko and Max Ramirez for Mauer and Morneau, straight up :)

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