Of Cliff Lee, bankruptcy and Danny Masterson

Thursday morning and here’s what’s happening with the Major League Baseball team in Arlington…

* Tyler Morris could be released from the hospital today. The Crawford firefighter suffered a fractured skull and ankle in his terrifying fall from the club level at the Ballpark in Arlington on Tuesday night. But it appears he is going to be okay and he has the baseball he was trying to snag when he took his tumble over the ledge.

Amazing things those foul balls. My dad caught a foul ball in the air at a Montgomery Rebels game back in 1975 and it remained one of his most prized possessions. But heed the words of the immortal Sgt. Esterhaus from Hill Street Blues: “Let’s be careful out there.”

cliff-lee-indians.jpg* Round the clock mediation sessions going on in U.S. bankruptcy court
in Fort Worth concerning the sale of the Rangers. Doesn’t seem to be going too well for the Greenberg-Ryan group. Apparently the club is headed for a July 16 auction and word is Houston businessman Jim Crane is still very much a player in all this.

Major League Baseball continues to assert the right of final approval on whoever buys the Rangers and that remains Greenberg-Ryan’s best hope. But it is definitely not the sure thing it once was and this is highly unlikely to get done before July 31.

* That’s not stopping general manager Jon Daniels. He is working hard trying to acquire Cliff Lee from the Mariners. Word around baseball is the Rangers, because of their deep farm system, have the best chance of putting together a package that would satisfy the Mariners as long as Martin Perez and Tanner Scheppers aren’t included.

The financial constraints are still there but that’s not stopping the Rangers. Apparently they have some money tucked away for such a contingency. Daniels is definitely fully engaged in this process.

* Michael Young has dropped to fourth place in the Final Vote. Apparently this is going down to the wire between Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis and Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher. Big markets, big players.

Youkilis was endorsed by Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry while Swisher apparently has the support of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, actress Jessica Alba and actor Danny Masterson.

Which begs the question. Who is Danny Masterson??? Never heard of him. Should I?

Heard of Jason Whitten, who is endorsing Young. Wonder who Vernon Davis is endorsing?

Remember though Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has been dealing with hip issues. If he opts out of the All-Star Game – no word if that’s an actual possibility – Young could still slip in there for a seventh consecutive year.

* Young did have one thing to say Wednesday. He thinks LeBron James is going to the Knicks. Remember Young predicted the NBA Finals would unfold exactly as it did. He hasn’t made a call on Netherlands-Spain but we’re pulling for the plucky Dutch.

Danny Masterson?? Somebody is joking right?

* Oh yes. By the way…

The Rangers are 51/2 games ahead of the Angels in the American League West.

But who has time for fun and games with everything else going on with this team.



Danny Masterson played the consipiracy loving Stephen Hyde on “That 70’s Show” – but hasn’t done much since as far as I can tell. Wonder if Mr. Greenberg has closed on that house he was buying in Westalke or Southlake (he wasn’t sure himself). Do you really think Drayton McLane will vote to approve Jim Crane?

Nice to know that somebody prefers Hill Street Blues over that 70’s Show.

Bet Crane gets approved if it’s presented as fait accompli to Major League Baseball. This guy Greenberg isn’t sounding so cocky anymore.

Wonder why he is considered the savior of this franchise.

Five years from now we may be wishing Crane did buy the Rangers. Or glad he did.

Greenberg is nothing more than a Minor League operator. He could be great but that’s hardly a guarantee of anything.

Masterson has 47 acting credits on IMDB. So he’s doing something.
Seattle can have Smoak, Davis, Saltalamachia, Teagarden, Harden and even Holland (except for Holland I just don’t believe those others figure in our long range plans….I just don’t care…a nice solid #1 would be nice

Trouble making question of the day. Have we tried David Murphy at 1st….sure would be nice to get his bat in the lineup in place of Smoak or Davis??? (Or as I call them tweeedle de strikeout #1 and treddle de dum strikeout #2)

With Holland set to come off of the DL, the only person in the Ranger’s rotation that Lee would be an upgrade for is if he replaced Feldman (assuming Holland taked Harden’s place in the rotation). Other than that, why even bother with Cliff Lee?

Also, Danny Masterson played “Hyde” in “That 70’s show”. Now you know.

Justin Smoak strikes out 36% less often than Chris Davis does. Smoak’s strikeout rate is only about 1% higher than the team average over the last two years. Smoak also walks twice as often as Davis. Taking just last year and this year into account, the two of them are about even in RBIs per plate appearance. Davis has a slight edge in on-base-plus-slugging-percentage (OPS), but Smoak scores slightly more runs per game. Yes, Chris is tearing it up in the minors, but it has been proven time and again that the minors are not the Majors.

Do I want Cliff Lee? Yes.
Do I think we will get Cliff Lee? Yes
Do I think it will cost a lot and possibly impact us later in a negative way? Absolutely!

But let’s focus focus on something else. The rangers are 5 and a half games up on the Angels and the only reason we are even discussing the possibility in aquiring a rental “ace” is because adding one could lead to a world series

As far as Cliff Lee, We could definatly offer Harden and the last new kid they just sent back down…..
Between Davis and Smoak I would rather watch Davis on 1st base anyday. I think Davis will be won of the top 1st baseman in the league IF he can get back and hit some balls..

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