Monday Morning Manager…DEFCON 1

Is this DEFCON 1?

According to the United State military: this refers to maximum readiness. It is not certain whether this has ever been used, but it is reserved for imminent or ongoing attack on U.S. armed forces or U.S. territory by a foreign military power.

Maybe we are at DEFCON 2

Monday_Morning.jpgAccording to Wikipedia: “his refers to a further increase in force readiness just below maximum readiness. The most notable time it was declared was during the Cuban Missile Crisis, although the declaration was limited to Strategic Air Command. It is not certain how many times this level of readiness has been reached.”

When it comes to the Rangers, DEFCON 2 certainly seems quite reachable on many occasions.

Actually prefer the term Apocalypse Now, which means that people think the sky is about to fall on the Rangers. Sometimes it seems the Rangers live in a perpetual state of Apocalypse Now

Maybe it’s part of living in the shadow of the NFL Death Star, where everything is Apocalypse Now.

So the Angels are here, fresh off their sweep of the Oakland Athletics. The Rangers are still holding a two-game lead in the American League West despite the weekend disaster in the True North Strong and Free.

But the Angels are just 21/2 games out and starting to flex their muscles. As Gomer Pyle would say:


Now they are sitting on the Rangers doorstep, although this is just a two-game series. Then come the Orioles and then the Cubs.

So, as we all bunker down for DEFCON 1 or 2…

1. What was your take on the disaster in Toronto?

2. Describe how you see the condition of the Rangers starting rotation?

3. A.J. Pierzynski anybody?

4. Are the Angels starting to prove people wrong in the forecasting of their demise?

5. How much is the ownership situation hurting the Rangers?



— 1. It?s the roller coaster nature of this team ? the only consistent thing about this team is their inconsistency.

— 2. Wilson is good, Lewis is solid (in spite of yesterday) Feldman is getting better, Holland no decision (not enough starts), Harden?maybe a trip to the DL and some rehab starts to figure things out. Over all other than Rich Harden, I?m not all that worried. ? The offense and defense is still the biggest problem for this team (in my never humble opinion)

— 3. Why? Have the Rangers looked at his 2010 numbers? Don’t care for his reputation. If they are intent on getting another veteran catcher – there are cheaper alternatives who are having the same kind of season as AJ.

— 4. Sure does look like it doesn?t it? Oakland is in kind of free fall right now ? so the Angels played them at the right time ? I think this series is going to be a bell weather for both the Angels and Rangers.

— 5. Right now it?s only a problem for the scribes and fans who have all of the sudden become armchair financial and legal experts. Next month ? with the draft and the trade deadline approaching ? then it will become a big problem for the baseball side of the operation.

1. Giving up a big lead because a veteran starter can?t throw strikes is no way to start a road trip. Thankfully it didn?t last long.
2. I like what I?m seeing from Wilson and Lewis on a consistent basis. Holland is clearly very talented, though I expect ups and downs from him. Feldman looked much better his last time out and I expect him to get straightened out in short order.
I?ve never been more disgusted with a Ranger pitcher than I am with Rich Harden right now. Part of that stems from how great I know he can be and the other part from how far on the opposite of the spectrum he?s performing. If you can?t throw strikes when staked to a lead, then you can?t throw strikes, period. I don?t know how long you go with the guy based on track record, contract, etc.? I hope he gets it turned around soon, because, what he?s done to this point is unacceptable.
3. No. Bad hitter, worse teammate. What?s the point of giving up young talent to get another poor hitting catcher?
4. They?ve got a lot of talent on that roster.
5. Unless that?s what?s causing Rich Harden to walk over 7 batters per 9 innings, then it?s not hurting much, but it?s going to hurt big time if it impedes a second draft in as many years. What Jon Daniels has done and is doing, requires the farm system to remain strong year to year. Losing Matt Purke last year then having to settle for sign-able guys rather than top talent in a year where Texas has so many high picks is going to hurt down the road. What Hicks is hoping to accomplish by dragging his heals (I guess, they?re actually dug in at this point) isn?t good for the team, it isn?t good for baseball and it is a slap in the face to the fan base.
If the Greenberg/Ryan group isn?t in place by draft day I?ll be extremely disappointed in a way that I?ve Tom Hicks has never disappointed me. He?s made decisions in the past that hurt the club, but I believed his intentions were good, there?s no way what he?s been doing the past several months could be construed as anything but wholly negative for the Texas Rangers and their fans.

1. The Blue Jays hitters and players looked confident at the plate, Josh Hamilton especially looked confused and very non-confident. Way too many holes in this offense over a long example time means problems ahead. There are not many answers on the farm for the offense, which will tie to question #5.

2. Wilson is for real, Lewis is good enough and a solid veteran (but not with this offense), Feldman will come back and be good again (a number 3 at least), Holland is an Ace in training, and Harden will probably never do what is necessary to fit here (too bad), but he is a good #5 with an offense, not this one.

3. A.J. never. Numbers bad, attitude worse, not needed here. I’d take Max over him and any veteran catcher available right now. Let Max play.

4. The Angels, no. They have lost way too much over the last two years to win it all this year. The Rangers have to be more consistent, though. If the Angels win the AL West, it will because the Rangers lost it.

5. The sale holdup of the Rangers is preventing a positive aura from enveloping this franchise. This franchise has always had a way of imploding somehow with each and every ownership group, and this one is turning out to be the worst. The ongoing squabble is threatening Jon Daniels’ plan that is in place concerning replenishing the farm with high-end talent and being able to make a trade for a veteran replacement part when needed. I believe Daniels will, in the short-term be able overcome both these issues with his brilliant moves.
In the draft (if the sale has not been finalized), the Rangers could still draft high quality players and sign then by focusing on the early rounds and designating all the budget money to the early rounds (in lieu of signing later round players).
The biggest problem is not having the positive impact the new ownership will have on attendance at the park, and the their pledge of sticking to a plan that will position this franchise to be winners for a decade or so.
The positive is the silence over the weekend means the deal is getting close to being finalized and Hicks will be heard from no more. I expect Bud Selig to lock him out of any part of the ownership.

1. Good Gracious…what did happen? It was a disaster! Oh wait that was a given in the question. I think Harden set a tone. ..and the guys got demoralized…You get a 7-1, 9-3 lead you expect to win…after you lose that it’s “whatever.”
2. Happy with the pitching except for Harden. For the first time since he’s taken over I think Nolan Ryan made a mistake. I think the Rich Harden we got is the Rich Harden that existed right before his injury. I’m not sure we got much. The offense will pick up.
3. Who in the world thought this up…the guy is sub Mendoza and a real pain in the butt in the club house. Probably thought up by some member of the press who’s giddy today that we’re talking about it.
4. Everyone in this division can win it…no one should be counted out.
5. I don’t think it has impacted our play on the field. We wouldn’t have spent big money on a front line starter if we had had it…we might have kept Pudge…that would have been nice but there are no catchers out there to get that are better than what we have.. The rest of the positions are untouchable…how would money have impacted them???
Now if Oswalt is in play (Kevin Kennedy says he can’t come to us because of the ownership deal) then I might change my mind. Oswalt says he wants to go to a contender…I’m not sure that the league’s perception is that we’re a contender.

1. East is East and West is West and the East is much better than the West
2. Harden has a better chance to come around than Feldman.
3. Stay the course on the catching. Can they afford Pierzynski?
4. Mike Scioscia is still their manager is he not?
5. Is the Pope Catholic? Is TR Catholic?

1. Toronto—every year there is a team you just can’t beat. It was Detroit a couple of years ago and this year it’s the Blue Jays. No worries.
2. Rotation is a work in progress. Hopefully, Feldman and Harden can get it together. If not, Hunter and Harrison are waiting in the wings. Nice to have a little insurance that allows flexibility to work through the problems. No worries. At least everyone is healthy (knocking on wood now).
3. NOzinsky!!!!!! Matt and Max are doing fine for now and we still have Salty if he ever learns to throw the ball back to the picther.
4. The Angels are they team they have always been minus some past talent. They will be competitive all season, but they just don’t have enough to get them over the top.
5. The ownership situation is hurting my spirit and like others have said already, what happens at draft time may severely affect the future of “the plan”. If/when the sale is finalized, the black cloud will be lifted, there will be a swell of attendance, and enthusiasm for this team and franchise will happen fast. Right now, everything is in limbo. Until the sale is final, it’s hard to believe that J.D. and Nolan will be able to sustain an otherwise great building plan that IS working. Then, we’ll watch Smoak, Holland, Andrus and others get their rings with other teams and we’ll be left with our same ole’ Rangers franchise of futility. Rangers Baseball Express…..WE NEED YOU…..SAVE US!!!…PLEASE?

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