Rangers adding Cruz for Garko

The Rangers are adding Nelson Cruz and dropping Ryan Garko

The Rangers will activate Cruz off the disabled list for Friday’s game against the Blue Jays.

Garko will be optioned to Triple A Oklahoma City and then put on outright waivers. The Rangers want to give Garko a chance to see if he can be picked up by another team. If not, he’ll be assigned outright to Oklahoma City and play there.

The Rangers will make another move Saturday. Infielder Joaquin Arias will be activated off the disabled list and Craig Gentry will be optioned to Oklahoma City.




Nothing against Garko, but, he looked clueless while with the Rangers. Welcome back Nellie!

Also have nothing against Taylor Teagarden. Nice guy, but I think we’ve seen the last of him, UNLESS he figures out the bat. When a team has expectations, and they do look good at this point, they can’t sit tight with a Catcher hitting .100, or a 1st basemen hitting .100 either. I miss Crush Davis’ defense, and I do know that he can hit, but I say let Justin Smoak be “it”—I believe at some point Crush will be our 3rd basemen. Just a gut feeling.

Go Rangers!

By the way, does anyone else but me hate the new centerfield camera angle? Can’t tell nearly as much about the pitch–high-low, and get perspective. PLEASE FSSW, if you are going with this camera angle, at least show the other (and superior) angle from lower, like every Major League team broadcast does. It might have seemed novel at first, but it is rank in comparison. Just my rantings.

Bingfanfw: regarding Salty, you should do a little checking before breaking out the keyboard.

Salty is CRUSHING the ball in OKC, and has been since he got there. His ability to hit is not why he is still there. Check out
In nutshell, he is having trouble throwing the ball back to the *pitcher*.

As far as the camera angle, I like it centered more – but it does need to be lowered. The way it is now it is sitting up too high.

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