Holland joining Rangers rotation

The Rangers are calling up pitcher Derek Holland. He will start in one of the three games against the Athletics next week. Matt Harrison is going on the disabled list with biceps tendinitis although the Rangers won’t make that move official for a few more days. The Rangers haven’t decided which day Holland will start but it could be Wednesday. Harrison was scheduled to pitch that day.

Hollan is 4-1 with a 0.93 ERA at Oklahoma City.


I hate that for Matt, but congratulations to Derek for earning his way back with total domination at OKC. That’s gong to be quite a bit of time off for Derek in between starts if he doesn’t go til Wednesday. So much for going to see him pitch next Friday night in Bricktown.

Are they going to let Washington destroy Holland like he has Harrison, Teagarden, Murphy, Gentry and like he’s trying to do to Borbon?

Hey “ferj” dude (or dudette) drinking kind of early aren’t you? Or is it just wacky weed? Or maybe you just hate anyone different than you? Your comment is darn near incomprehensible….

“Or maybe you just hate anyone different than you?”

Project much?

ferjs’ comments are ridiculous. There are so many factors that go into prospect attrition rates that to blame a manager for “destroying” players is just plain ignorant.

Agree that the comments appear to lack any substantive thought. Still, one should be able to criticize or rant, provided accepted lines of decency aren’t violated, and not be accused of bigotry, however furtively.

I call them like I see them. When I read ridiculous comments like that…totally without reason and value I look for the reason for the comment. Sometimes on this board and especially on the “after the game” boards the source of the comments is obvious…intoxication andprejudice. Why else would the same people be touting Hillman, and Hurdle…over and over and over…how were either of those guys more successful than Ron Washington.? And we continue to read comments like…he can’t speak english, he chews sunflower seeds…you know all they’re really missing is “fried chicken and watermelon”…and to justify it as a rant? BS!

You also might ask yourself what Hurdle has done for the team.

And a word of warning…if the comment could be construed as racial then the bounds of decency were violated! I so construed it!

Make your criticism of Ron Washington on “baseball grounds”. The man expects it. He expects us to second guess him even though we don’t know what we’re talking about. But keep it to baseball.

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