Chris Davis optioned to OKC… Justin Smoak called up

The Rangers optioned first baseman Chris Davis to Oklahoma City after Thursday’s game. Justin Smoak is being called up. Davis was hitting .188 with no home runs and one RBI in 15 games. Smoak will be in Texas on Friday.

The Rangers will likely make room for Smoak on the 40-man by calling up pitcher Omar Poveda and put him on the 60-day disabled list. He is out for the season because of elbow surgery.



wow… crazy how it works out but time to get things turned around and smoak is a power bat

I agree with the first comment. Wow! Whoa! Holy crap! I’m glad I’ll be at the game tomorrow. Ready to see the Justin Smoak Monster!

You know something had to happen. Teagarden should take note…he’s gone too as soon as Saltalamachia comes back.
You don’t bring a kid like Smoak up to sit on the bench. ..he should play. Ryan Garko shouldn’t think he’s going to get significant playing time at zero seventy one!

And now for some payback. All of you who bad mouthed Rudy Jaramillo in favor of Hurdle. Checked out the team hitting lately? Last year you said it was Jaramillo’s failure that caused Davis to be sent down…whose failure is it now? Hurdle may be a class guy and a great Dad but what has he done for Ranger hitting? I don’t think these guys know how to take a pitch! Vlad is a cartoon. Michael and Josh have been “indiscrete” We got guys hitting 3zeros for Pete’s sake and they’re in the starting lineup!

We should have kept Byrd, Pudge and Rudy…Less than 8 million would have done it.

All I can say “WE HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF CHRIS DAVIS HE WILL BE BACK”. I just hope SMOAK is ready and this dose not set him back if he is not. CHRIS was brought up to soon he will get his bat sorted. I would have prefered CHRIS would have completed one more year in the minors before he came up the first time.

nicely put teacher.. Although they tried to sign Rudy. He would not take a one year deal. He wanted 3 but with the sale along with daniels and Wash only having one year left on their contracts. The rangers could not do any better than one. I know Rudy personally so I am a little bias but his style and Wash’s style would NEVER co-exist. Rudy is aggressive and Wash is sit back and wait. I believe that is why we are not hitting two well. Because of the mixed coaching mindset put into these guys. FYI the Cubs are hitting .253(14th) the rangers are hitting .235(22nd) so You may be on to something.

Actually Jaramillo was here when the Rangers COULDN’T hit (last year). Who are you trying to blame it on now? [Your answer should be the players.]

I agree with NSFW. This has nothing to do w/ Hurdle. Be glad we’re “slumping” now at the beginning. You also forget that Kinsler is out at the moment and Teagarden is there by default. But this definitely should send a message to Taylor that his 20ks to start the season will not get him a permanent ticket to the bigs. If he doesn’t straighten out soon then we’ll be seeing Max Ramirez up (unless they traded him and I don’t realize it :-P ). Tonight’s game was a perfect example of how baseball should and could be played by the Rangers. Great starting effort out on the mound and the pen finally came through with the shut out. Darren Oliver has been a godsend so far. Look for the Rangers to bounce back soon, Oakland will drift off eventually.

Oh, and going back to this game today against Boston, watch the Rangers work the count. Even good ole’ Davis worked it nicely. They are being patient with each passing day. We have put up some runs thus far, just given up more :-\

Uh, guys … don’t you think we ought to wait a little longer than three weeks into the season before we start dealing out praise and/or criticsm? Look around the majors — Lester has an ERA over 8.00. Verlander has an ERA over .600. Justin Upton is hitting .186. Texeira is closer to .100 than he is .200. C’mon, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Seriously?! I’m from Longview, so maybe I’m being a Homer, but at least Davis is making some contact up there. Teagarden and Borbon are killng me right now. I would almost rather see our pitchers hitting instead of these guys right now.

Wow…did we watch the same game today…the rangers really worked that count. In the first inning Bucholtz three…yes he threw 9 pitches…He finished with 10 strikeouts! What did we work?
Chris Davis will be back…well maybe…ever hear of Wally Pipp? But yeah he will probably be back unless Smoak is really ready. We’ll have to see.
Hurdle has nothing to do with our hitting slump…okay…then you agree Jaramillo had nothing to do with our undisciplined hitting last year…and in fact all you have against Jaramillo is that he wanted a multi year contract,,,well who wouldn’t?
Every time I hear Hurdle praised and Jaramillo torn down I ask why…and I hear the same detractors try to tear down Ron Washington…and you have to ask why….what do those two guys have in common with each other …oh…they don’t look like Hurdle…do they?

Fred, I agree with just about every point you make except on RW. I’m not gonna pick on moves or who he starts but the biggest thing I’d like to see from him is a bit more fire. Get in the umpire’s face when our pitchers are getting squeezed, get thrown out of a game or two arguing some of these bad calls on the bases, jeez show the players you’ve got their back. You won’t win those arguments 99% of the time but get in the game already. Time to channel some Earl Weaver and Bobby Cox.

More to the point of TR’s post, Welcome Justin. CD, go tear it up and force something to happen, or learn to catch. Sorry Tea, the writing is on the wall.

I’ve been just as frustrated as the next guy with the Rangers start to the season. That game on Tuesday night was about as mad as I’ve ever been wathching a baseball game. Our bullpen has been rocky to say the least. Teagarden still doesn’t have any hits, but for the most part our starting pitching has been outstanding and our bats seem to be coming around. The problem with our lineup is that the swagger just isn’t there after Cruz bats. Davis hasn’t been hitting, Blanco has not been hitting, Teagarden….just think 0, and then we get to the speed of our lineup with borbon/andrus. Arias has been a nice surprise but he isn’t going to get any extra base hits. It’s clear that the Rangers miss Kinsler but they are going to need extra base production out of the number 7 slot in the order so bringing Smoak up is a necessary move. The games count just as much in April as they do in September. Can’t wait to see him in the lineup tonight at the ballpark. Good time to go and grab some tickets and enjoy a friday night at the taj mahal

I hate this for Chris, but he’s simply got to be more selective and make better contact. Smoak is as sure a thing as there is when judging prospects. He probably lays claim to the first base job full time by season’s end leaving Davis and Max Ramirez to fight for the DH spot next season.

The Goose; I also was saddened by Chris being sent down. Ron seems like his personal thinking seems to be very biased.Rangers over all look lifeless. Wheres Ron when the players need charged up. Ron just go up to the umpires make a little noise and walk away, get mad get thrown out of the ball game show them that you are behind them. Put Josh back in center field so he can be in is natural position. Between Hicks who can’t sell his team along with the eternal struggles with in the club executives. I have lost a lot of respect for Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan for their botch up the drugs by Washington. I will stand behind the rangers players and support dthem by attending a games. I just don’t see a lot of players having fun. Thank you The Goose

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