Rangers line up rotation for season

The Rangers came into camp planning on Rich Harden being their Opening Day pitcher. Now they have the rest of the rotation lined up as well.

Look for them to pitch in this order:

Rich Harden

C.J. Wilson

Scott Feldman

Matt Harrison

Colby Lewis.

That’s the way pitching coach Mike Maddux has his rotation lined up for the rest of the spring.

Follow along:

Scott Feldman pitched in a Minor League game on Tuesday. Tomorrow Brandon McCarthy pitches against the Cubs in the A game while Matt Harrison pitches in a Minor League game.

Thursday is Derek Holland against the Angels with Colby Lewis in a Minor League game.

Rich Harden pitches Friday against the Angels in Tempe, C. J, Wilson pitches Saturday against the Brewers and Sunday is Feldman against the White Sox.

Then comes Harrison on Monday and Lewis on Tuesday.

Then they’ll do it one more time through the order to end Spring Training. Harden next Wednesday against the Mariners, Wilson on Thursday vs. the Reds, Feldman on Friday against the Royals in Arlington and Harrison on Saturday against the Royals in Frisco.

Lewis will likely pitch somewhere on Sunday while the Rangers are off.

The Rangers open on Monday, April 5 against the Blue Jays with Harden on the mound. Wilson and Feldman pitch the next two games against the Blue Jays and then Harrison and Lewis against the Mariners in the second series of the season.

Saltalamacchia improves, Treanor here: Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia reported some improvement with the strained muscle on the left side of his neck but is not expected to play on Wednesday against the White Sox.

He is still day-to-day with the expectation that he will be ready for the start of the season.

But catcher Matt Treanor, acquired on Monday from the Brewers, arrived on Tuesday. The Rangers were off but he spent the afternoon looking at video of Texas pitchers and watching Scott Feldman pitch in a Minor League game.

Treanor was acquired for infielder Ray Olmedo, giving the Rangers another option in case Saltalamacchia is not ready for Opening Day.

“I just want to be who I am, play my game and let things happen,” Treanor said. “Nothing is set in stone as far as a big league job. I need to do my thing, catch and throw and help the pitchers on the mound, come play hard and be a solid member of this organization.”

According to scouts, Treanor, 34, is a strong defensive catcher with excellent makeup and a good reputation for working with a pitching staff. But he has never hit well enough to earn a full-time job in the Majors. He missed almost all of last season with a torn labrum in his right hip.


 Minor League cuts: The Rangers have released infielder Denny Duron, infielder Michael Hollander, Chris Matlock, catcher Billy O’Connor, John Slusarz and pitcher Glenn Swanson from Minor League camp.

Welcome Home Luncheon:There are a limited number of tickets remaining for the Welcome Home Luncheon on Friday, April 2 at the Arlington Convention Center. Tickets can be purchased at texasrangers.com or by calling 972-RANGERS. They are $50 individually or $500 for a table of ten.

The Welcome Home Luncheon is hosted in part by The Honorable Robert Cluck, Mayor of Arlington with net proceeds benefitting the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation. Rangers President Nolan Ryan, General Manager Jon Daniels, Manager Ron Washington and the entire 2010 team will be in attendance.

The 2010 Luncheon will highlight the Richard Greene Scholars program, This program, initiated in 1997, provides $10,000 college scholarships to six promising Arlington high school students. The students, selected as juniors, participate in an intensive internship program in businesses and organizations in Arlington their senior year, and are given direction from community leaders and a mentor who has experience in that student’s area of interest.

To date, 66 Richard Greene Scholars have gone through the program and many have reached unbelievable heights after graduation. Scholars are living across the globe and are in positions ranging from pharmacists to doctors to attorneys to military officers to positions within the Department of Homeland Security.

The University of Texas at Arlington President James D. Spaniolo will make a special announcement about the school’s commitment to the Richard Greene Scholars program. Beginning with students enrolling in the fall of 2010, any Richard Greene Scholar who attends UT Arlington will receive a full scholarship. UT Arlington has pledged to provide the funds remaining to encourage students of this caliber to stay in Arlington and attend The University of Texas at Arlington. Former Mayor Richard Greene, and his wife, Sylvia, who are the champions of the program will also be in attendance.



That rotation is nothing like what everybody else had predicted.

The Rangers play the Athletics, not the Angels, on Friday… do you mean Harden faces the Athletics? Or is there a rescheduled game which isn’t showing up on the schedule? I’m heading down for Spring Training tomorrow night and really want to see Harden pitch…

Is anybody else starting to feel a bit nervous about the amount of runs we’re giving up??

Anybody else think, letting Pudge walk to free agency was a mistake? Anyone else remember Daniels saying McCarthy is further along than DANKS? Further along the disabled list or further along in becoming out of the league? Will anyone take him for a catcher? Lets us not forget that we gave the White Sox three pitchers for that guy. And people, lets remember that the Rangers were in receivership last year or are still in receivership and were not allowed to make decisions. Does anyone on here believe that MLB was going to pull the trigger and fire WASHINGTON, a minority manager? Same goes for Purke who is now tearing it up as a Frog. So lets not say how great Nolan is, how moral he is, how much he is into second chances. My belief is the team probably wanted to fire the guy, but were not allowed. As my Daddy always said, “Those who pay the way have the say.” MLB is paying the way and is having it’s say. What’s next, Josh and Ron in a bar with whipped cream on their chests? Is Ron, trying to relate to Josh? If it happens will it take 18 months for us to find out? Anyone else here TRULY believe that this is the first time a 57 year old man tried Cocaine for the first time? Sorry not me. Hey, maybe it is ok not to fire the guy who is remorseful after getting caught. But when he opened his mouth afterwards and said, hey i used other stimulants in the 70’s and 80’s then he should be gone, for that stupid statement. Anyone else notice how he hasn’t spoken too much to the press after opening his mouth about that? I would like to know who the “disgruntled” former employee is though. I would also like to know just what “family issue” it was that led him to do this. IF you are going to throw that out there as an excuse then let me know.

Now we know why the Rangers went out and got Clint Hurdle. Manager in waiting, which i do like. I would lke for Ron to start fast, but if the team struggles out the gate, then he is gone and Greer is the new hitting coach, bet on it. I believe this team has finally figured it out, it truly is about the pitching. Still think, letting Pudge walk was a mistake. I personally would like to see Max behind the plate. Two years ago, i saw that kid make a double play after being doubled over. He won me over then. He is tough. I believe he will hit if he stops worrying and pressuring himself. Bingo where are you???? The Rangers are going to win the west if the Mariners don’t beat them to it. That team is going to be dangerous folks. Watch out for the A’s and the Angels too, they have good teams. If our pitching holds up and we stay injury free, we may just win the west. Yankees are too tough, so are the Red Sox. Anyone else remember me saying last year, Elvis will make more errors at short, but our defense will be improved? Well that was and is the case. Take all the numbers you want to look at, but the bottom line is Andrus has more athleticism and gets to balls that Young could not dream about getting too. Still think Young to second and Kinsler to third is a good idea. I want my third bagger to hit for power. 20 bangers from my second baseman is ok. Anyone else remember when the Rangers said they had to have defense from their second baseman. I still think Kinsler has made more errors at second than Soriano ever did…..

I normally don’t say much on this website, but I did have to call out just about everything bmitchell just said. Do you really even think you begin to understand the inner workings of a ballclub? The MLB had absolutely nothing to say about whether or not Ron stayed, that was the Ranger’s management that made that decision. After getting caught in a bad situation, would you rather have a manager lie more to get in less trouble, or be honest? After asking that, is Ron’s admitting to using stimulants in the 70s such a stupid thing to say now? I didn’t think so.

There are too many people on the internet nowadays who think they have some small clue as to what they’re typing, but as was just proven above me by the two comments, they really don’t know what they’re saying. At least proof read what you’re typing, so you can realize how foolish you sound before you hit submit.

Great! Either d’god is back as bmitchell, or bmitchell is a d’god clone. I would never have believed there was 2 of them! Oh brother are we in for it……….It has been such a peaceful past few months. On the bright side, it is still awesome to have so many options on the pitching staff. We have a slight concern at catcher and I have no idea who the utility infielder will be. Other than that, this thing is just about ready to go. This will be a fun year.

Snoozer, I don’t know the inner workings? Ha, ha. I know for a fact the MLB refused to allow the Rangers to pay Purke what he wanted because the Rangers were and are in receivership. TR Sulllivan help me out here. The Rangers also were not paying their bills. The bottom line is you can’t trust drug abusers. The time for experimentation is when you are a stupid teenager, not when you are 57 years old. A grown man should be held to a “higher” standard, because he is supposed to be a GROWN MAN. I like IDIOT SNOOZERS who get on here and defend FELONY behavior, but want to crucify people for having an opinion. Wake up, drug abuse is the KEY element of Crime. I like “ole wash” have become a fan of his for making due without a pitching staff for 2+ years. I also don’t like to the way Mr. Daniels has distanced himself from the manager he had to have. Unless Washington gets off to a good start then he is gone, in spite of how nice Nolan is and or remorseful Washington is. So when it happens the point to be made is we can forgive felony drug behavior from our “team leader” but we can’t handle a 5 and 22 start. Translation winning ball games is more important than our concern over drug abuse and abusers. Hey, i only posted twice above and am remorseful for offending anyone. How about a second chance snoozy?

I will submit other writings for your approval. What ever happened to i may not agree with what he is saying, but i will defend his right to say it? First amendment privledge, i believe, U.S. Constitutional Rights i will call it. Snoozy will get on here and defend Washingtons right to abuse drugs which the purchase and possession of is not a right but a crime, a felony offense, that is ok. But GOD forbide if you have an opinion contrary to his. KMA! You snooze, you lose!


D’god/bmitchell, “I may not agree with what he is saying, but I will defend his right to say it” still exists. In the same spirit, I defend snooze’s (and mine) right to disagree with the crap that you continue to spew. Free speech is a two way street. Now to what you actually said. Please enlighten us with how you “know for a fact” that MLB would not let the Rangers pay Matt Purke what he asked. However, if that is indeed true, the blame lies squarely at the feet of Tom Hicks and no one else. And “the time for experimentation is when you are a teenager”. What an idiotic statement to make. There is NO good time to experiment with cocaine or any other drug. And yes, we can forgive “felony drug behavior” because that is how the system you work in works. But no, we will not forgive a 5 and 22 start because the manager is paid to lead the team to wins and this team is too talented to get off to that kind of start. It makes perfect sense to me. Finally, will you please get over DVD already? I was torked about that too, but that situation is behind us and we now have much more talent than those 3 letters ever were. I embrace the stability that has been in this organization since Nolan Ryan came and I want it to continue. Unlike you, I don’t crave to see someone get fired. So, as coach Norman Dale said in Hoosiers, “this is your team. They deserve your respect”. Get on board with the 2010 Texas Rangers because there are so many positives with this team. It should make you forget DVD.

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