Borbon to face lefthanders

Manager Ron Washington has a good dea of what his lineup is going to be. It will include Julio Borbon at the top of the lineup against both left-handers and right-handers. Washington sat Borbon against lefties last year until right at the end of the season. This year he wants to give Borbon a chance to hit against them….

The early line on the Rangers lineup:

CF Julio Borbon

3B Michael Young

LF Josh Hamilton

DH Vladimir Guerrero

2B Ian Kinsler

1B Chris Davis

RF Nelson Cruz

C Jarrod Saltalamacchia/Taylor Teagarden.

SS Elvis Andrus


Bordon deserves a chance but if it doesn’t workout move Elvis to the leadoff role. Whoever the leadoff person ends up being, if he gets on, he’s probably scoring. What can you say about Micheal Young(a real pro)….Hamilton, Kinsler & Davis have to be better this year……….I love that we picked up Vlady, if he’s health…watch out!!!!
Nelly is the 7 hole????????

The defense out of this lineup looks good……..could we please have some quality pitching.

Not much surprise here. I would have predicted Cruz at the six and Davis at the seven, but I like the idea of breaking up the three straight right-handed hitters. Good stuff, though. No spring games have been played yet but it’s getting close.

Two things about that lineup. Cruz in the 7th spot sure gives the bottom of the linup some pop. Also if Davis doesn’t come back I imagine Cruz will move up. I’m getting excited!


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