Rangers interest in Garko, Baldelli

According to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick, the Rangers are showing interest in Rocco Baldelli and Ryan Garko. The Rangers tried to trade for Garko last summer. Both could be the right-handed hitting complement to Chris Davis at first base that would fit the last spot on the bench. Matt Brown right now is the leading candidate for that spot.



I like either player. I think if we go with Ryan Garko of the 2 of them he has a better track record of health so far in his career and he can play first base against lefties I don’t know if I want Ryan Garko playing Left or Right field though. Rocco Baldelli is without a doubt a lot better outfielder and I don’t remember Rocco ever playing first base but he is a good enough athlete that he could probably do it pretty easily if given the chance. He didn’t have a very good year with Boston last year but that is a tough lineup to crack when you aren’t hitting very well. So i think he is still trying to find himself as a player again. Man, he had some great tools before his injuries started slowing him down. But maybe he could get some pointers from Clint Hurdle and be what the Rangers are looking for a versital guy who can play all of the outfield spots, first base and a right handed. Both guys are under about to turn 29 so age isn’t really a factor with these guys. I think Rocco can do more things for your team by being more versital. But Garko can really add another big bat against lefties in the middle to bottom of the order. So I said I like both guys it is a shame we can’t get both of them. I will stay tuned and see which guy might be coming to Arlington. I heard a rumor about Melvin Mora too. but He might be too expensive.

I hope the get Garko. He’s a real weapon against left handed pitching.

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