Rangers plan to watch Lowry

The Rangers are among the clubs that are expected to watch left-handed pitcher Noah Lowry throw on Tuesday. Lowry is a free agent who missed the past two seasons because of shoulder problems caused by Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He was 14-8 with a 3.92 ERA in 26 starts and 156 innings for the Giants in 2007.

Lowry was drafted by the Rangers in the 21st round of the 1999 draft but did not sign. Two years later the Giants took him in the first round out of Pepperdine.



Thoracic outlet syndrom? Sign him up! I don’t expect anything out of him, but it never hurts to keep looking for talent.

I’m not sure that this guy is much more than a project. He did eat up innings and win 14 games but he doesn’t throw strike…with as much money as the A’s paid for Sheets thought he’s nuts if he doesn’t go for it.

Here’s a question for the peanut gallery…actually I hope TR asks Nolan Ryan this question. If the Rangers have a 6 good starting pitchers this year why don’t we go with a 6 man rotation. I can’t claim thinking this up on my own. Evan Grant has an interview with Bobby V who says that Colby Lewis worked in a 6/7 man rotation in Japan. Valentine opines that Colby might have been better working in the 6 man rotation. Would still leave you room for 6 relievers…what do you guys think???

With the guys who we are depending on and who have had injuries in the past, plus trying to protect young arms, it makes sense. But with Nolan Ryan pushing in the opposite direction, and guys in the past being able to throw much more than today’s kids with high salaries, I don’t see that happening. With the long reliever and swing position in the pen, you essentially have this but not with the extra rest, just insurance.

More at http://tsheat.mlblogs.com

I remember when Thoracic Outlet Syndrome was first starting to be diagnosed, Kenny Rogers had it, had a rib removed and was as good as he ever was after that. If Lowry had good stuff before that surgery, it should still be good, though after two years he may be rusty at first.

TR who would you rather have if it was for the same price say $1M+incentives. Bedard or Lowry? What are the Rangers chances or better yet, have they showed any interest in Bedard? I think he has more potential than Lowry. I like the fact that they are both leftys.

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