Rangers ownership…no verdict yet

Here is what we know about the sale of the Rangers on Friday night…

* There is no resolution yet between Rangers owner Tom Hicks and Pittsburgh attorney Chuck Greenberg.

* Lawyers for both sides continue to work deep into the night.

* Even though the famous 30-day period of exclusivity passed one week ago, all signs point to Hicks continuing to deal exclusively with Greenberg’s group.

* They apparently keep running into snags that keep them from reaching an agreement. There is still absolutely no indication that this is not going to get done. But they have been negotiating in earnest for three weeks and a deal is still quite not there.

* The Rangers may not be able to afford Ben Sheets or John Lackey but somebody is paying lawyers a lot of money.

* The Diet of Worms lasted three months.


Why is Hicks beings such a *** about this. Get the deal done so this team can move on and get better. He says he wants the best for the rangers and the fans. To me if that is what he wants he would have this deal done 2 weeks ago.

I’m beginning to think, the actual sale of the team is done, but that such peripherals as land surrounding the park (used now for parking for Rangers’ games and now Cowboys’ games, and once envisioned as upscale shopping and malls by Hicks), and just who will control that is the snag. Hicks, if he can’t control the Rangers’ decisions, is wanting this monetary control in the area. Greenberg knows the importance of controlling the whole enchilada, thus a ‘sticking point’. I’m not sure MLB would have any pressuring tactics over this point.

Hicks also knows who is in this group of investors (including himself,which is very strange when he is the chief seller), and he knows there is money, money, and more money be ringed from some of them. After this is done, I would think the board meetings are going to be a little testy for a while. That is until the group can then extricate the greedy Mr. Hicks with other means. And, folks, that just might be another sticking point right now. I still believe he is holding out for some kind of clause that prevents this future possibility, or one that forces the group to give him first shot at re-ownership if they ever decide to sell. The last being one of the reasons Bud Selig probably stepped in recently (he would have pressure control over that).

I recently wrote on this topic in “OK, Breathe Deep, Exhale…All We Needed Was A Statement From Tom” at my blog http://tsheat.mlblogs.com. You have to click ‘Archives’ in January to scroll down to it. There is also a lot on the Rangers recently that some of you may have missed.

Long time, no comment.

I wish this deal would get done! I need some Ranger news to spice up the local sports scene. Since the Cowboys lost, all I’ve thought about is… How many days until pitchers and catchers report? I’ve written a post on my seldom updated blog about this downtime between Cowboy football and Rangers baseball. Feel free to read and comment: http://wp.me/panO6-5o

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