Friday Happy Hour at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill

Welcome to the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill, the perfect hangout for all those lawyers after they get done working on the Rangers sale.

Bar.JPG* Jon Daniels on the Rangers attitude toward Japan: “They play a good brand of baseball over there. One of our objectives and strategy is to be open-minded and acquire the best talent regardless of where it’s coming from.”

* The Rangers five most experienced starters (not counting reliever Darren Oliver) are Rich Harden, Scott Feldman, Brandon McCarthy, Colby Lewis and Matt Harrison. They have started a combined 299 games and won 114 of them as Major League starters. The Angels five of Joel Pineiro, Scott Kazmir, Ervin Santana, Jered Weaver and Joe Saunders have 708 starts between them and 298 wins.

* The Mariners five of Cliff Lee, Felix Hernandez, Ian Snell, Ryan Rowland-Smith and Garrett Olson have 527 starts and 207 wins. But the Rangers five have the edge over the Athletics. Oakland has 179 starts and 57 Major League wins from Dallas Baden, Dana Eveland, Justin Duchscherer, Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson.

* Khalil Greene was a third baseman as a freshman and a sophomore at Clemson. He didn’t switch to shortstop until he was a junior. He was second-team All-ACC at third base as a sophomore. First team third baseman? Georgia Tech’s Mark Teixeira of course.

* Greene didn’t leave Clemson until after his senior season. He was drafted after his junior year by the Cubs in the 14th round but stayed in school and got his degree in sociology.

* Jason Bay was once in the Padres farm system. He and Greene were roommates long before they finished 1-2 in the 2004 National League Rookie of the Year voting.

* Manager Ron Washington: “We finally have some pitching depth and we have some kids who have gotten some valuable experience. You just hope they aren’t intimidated and are able to pitch up to their capability. You only go as far as your pitching takes you.”

* As the Orioles closer, Chris Ray used to come into the games to the sound of Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams.

* Here is your All ex-Rangers Free Agent team: C Rod Barajas, 1B Hank Blalock, 2B Frank Catalanotto, SS Rich Aurilia, 3B Fernando Tatis, LF Craig Monroe, CF Freddy Guzman, RF, David Dellucci, DH Marcus Thames and Matt Stairs.

* Need pitching for that team? Kris Benson, Adam Eaton, Sidney Ponson, Jason Jennings, Chan Ho Park, Kip Wells, Joaquin Benoit, Doug Brocail and Jamey Wright.

* Aurilia was a Rangers Minor Leaguer. Never played for them at the Major League level.

* Just for the heck of it: Drew Meyer.

DietWorms.jpg* Rangers Minor League outfield/base running instructor Wayne Kirby turns 46 today.

* He is younger than the CIA. It was 64 years ago today that the CIA was formed. And for all you Lutherans, it was on this date in 1521 that the Diet of Worms began. But it was three months before the Edict of Worms was handed down. Google it if you’re puzzled.

* Josh Hamilton’s contract calls for a $100,000 bonus if he wins the American League Most Valuable Player Award. But he also gets $90,000 if he finishes in second, $80,000 for third place, $70,000 for fourth place and $60,000 for fifth place. He also gets $100,000 if he is the World Series Most Valuable Player and $75,000 if he is the LCS MVP.

* It will be cheaper for the Rangers if they win a World Series and Vladimir Guerrero is the MVP. He only gets a $50,000 bonus. But he can help make up the difference by earning that $25,000 contract bonus of winning a Gold Glove.

* You knew that back in 1955, Major League Baseball was concerned about pace of the game and announced that for the upcoming season, pitchers would be required to deliver the ball 20 seconds after taking a pitching position.

* Washingtonian Magazine just included attorney William Schweitzer to its list of Who’s Who in Washington Sports Business. Who is William Schweitzer? Among other things, he is a lobbyist. He runs Major League Baseball’s political action committee in D.C.



Being a Lutheran and doing some teaching, it is always amusing to see the reaction from youth who are hearing about the Diet of Worms for the first time.

Interesting to look back on our discussions on whether DHolland was rushed last season now that he isn’t guaranteed a spot in the rotation for 2010, and could realistically start the year in OKC. Hope he earns a spot in the rotation in ST.

I am pumped about Colby Lewis. I think this signing is going to look great, and I hope he exceeds even my expectations.

Did someone metion they were ready for spring training? I am with you!

It’s a little known fact…but leave it to TR’s column to bring it out…Catholics used to have to be on a Diet of Worms in order to receive communion. True!

I note the passing of Bobby Bragan…a true gentleman with all the spice of life that you could ask for. Must be almost 20 years ago he appeared at a baseball card show in Arlington. He was just sitting at a table with no one around him . My friend, another baseball nut, and I just approached him and started talking baseball. I remembered him from Milwaukee Braves days. We spent most of our time talking about the difference between what a manager does and what a general manager does in the trading of players. Remember he worked under the great “Trader Lane.” Couldn’t have been more interesting.

I was interested to read later the Jackie Robinson biography that talked about how the team accepted Robinson that first year. Contrast that with what Maury Wills and Hank Aaron say about him. A great baseball guy and just the kind of guy we need in Baseball. Requiescant in Pace!

Yes we have a young staff but an exciting one. Management has done almost everything we asked for in stocking up pitching. It shows the ascendency of Ryan and Maddux. Bring on the pitchers and catchers and let’s get this thing on the road!!!!

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