Of Sheets, Guerrero and Twitter

The Rangers signed Rich Harden for $7.5 million. There are officials who believe Ben Sheets will get that much, if not more.

Rangers officials have indicated it’s unlikely that Sheets will pitch in Arlington. Not at that price and not under the current financial climate.

sheets.jpgMaybe things will be different when the new ownership is in place. Maybe things like that will happen. Not sure they should though.

At some point, don’t you think they need to give some of these young pitchers a shot. With the addition of Colby Lewis, they are down to two open spots in the rotation. The line is long, starting with Tommy Hunter and Derek Holland. Then there is Brandon McCarthy, Matt Harrison, Dustin Nippert, Doug Mathis and Guillermo Moscoso. Plus C.J. Wilson and Neftali Feliz.

It doesn’t hurt to go watch Sheets pitch. But don’t expect the Rangers to get involved.

Vladimir Guerrero contract:

The breakdown on Vladimir Guerrero’s contract:

* He gets $5.5 million in 2010 with a mutual option of $9 million in 2011. The buyout for 2011 is $1 million, including $666,666 deferred without interest.

* He gets $100,000 if he is the A.L. MVP, $50,000 as World Series MVP, $50,000 for the All-Star Game, plus $25,000 each for Silver Slugger, Gold Glove and LCS MVP.

* Guerrero gets $50,000 for being on the active roster for 80 days, plus another $50,000 each for 90 days, 100 days, 110 days, 120 days and 130 days on the active roster. That does not include the disabled list. Fifty percent of all award and roster bonuses is deferred without interest.

* He gets $250,000 every time he is traded, but also has a no-trade provision in his contract. Plus a luxury suite for all home games and up to $5,000 a month in housing allowance.


We are available on Twitter.


Actually we have supposedly been on Twitter for a month or so but now we are going to be actually Tweeting.

My wife Helen is coaching me through it. Takes much coaching.

Twitter is still No. 3 priority.

No. 1 is the website. No. 2 is Postcards from Elysian Fields. Then Twitter.

It’s obviously important to get the information out there as quick as possible. Feed the need as it were. Or the beast. But hopefully MLB.Com and texasrangers.com are your ultimate destinations.

There are many great Rangers websites. Obviously the Morning News and Star-Telegram are still prime sources. They both employ outstanding reporters and obviously the ground-breaking Newberg Report is huge. And Lone Star Ball. And Marla and Grant.

More blogs have popped up. Glad to have them and all are welcome to comment here. When it comes to blogs, boys and girls, staying power is most important. That’s the hard part. Jamey is the standard.

ESPN Dallas is here too. They have Richard Durrett, long-time Rangers writer, and apparently Jim Reeves is going to write for them on occasion. If you miss Revo already, he’s back at ESPN. Nice retirement Brett.

It’s like Pastor Brooks said, “There are a lot of good churches here in Plano. You need to belong to one of them. If this one doesn’t suit you, that’s fine, there are plenty other good ones here in Plano. You need to belong to one of them.”

There are many good Rangers websites out there. This one-man band is just one of them, although the only one that throws in a little Latin and Catholic trivia. Thank you everybody for stopping by the Elysian Fields, and also taking the time to comment.

Let’s see how Twitter works.




“With the addition of Colby Lewis, they are down to two open spots in the rotation”

Still unbelievable. How about he proves something in this hemisphere before they sharpie his name in the rotation? Japan is equivalent to what? Frisco? As far as I’m concerned, there are three open rotation spots with Colby Lewis in the mix.

TR it is always a pleasure to read your insights and thoughts. You have a masterful way of writing that provides an intellectual and creative way of bringing news to the die hard fans. Reading your articles and blogs have become a part of my daily routine. I read many of the blogs out there and love to cram anything baseball into my head, but yours remains at the top. I started my own blog from a simple fan that was inspired by the Twins and Tigers game last season. The game kept me on the edge of my seat and I caught myself constantly asking “Are you kidding me????” I couldn’t believe the many twists and turns that the game took. I’m not here to promote myself or anything like that. I just love the game of baseball and more specifically the Texas Rangers. I’m anxious for spring training to begin and regardless if the Rangers go with Sheets or hand the ball to one of the young guys, it should still be a heck of a season.


Somebody pinch me…..PLEASE!!! We are talking about the Texas Rangers having not enough spots for all the starting pitchers. Is this heaven?……………….

Anyone else find it odd that we now talk about the Rangers not having enough spots for starting pitching prospects?

Jon Daniels should do the pinching, but consider yourself pinched.

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