Lewis has spot in rotation

The Rangers are opening up a spot in the rotation for Colby Lewis.

General manager Jon Daniels said at the press conference that Lewis will be one of the Rangers five starters this season. He joins Scott Feldman and Rich Harden.

More on the website later.


Well, that doesn’t bode well for either Neftali Feliz, Tommy Hunter, Brandon McCarthy, or of signing Ben Sheets, which I thought they should be able to. I’ll still be hoping. I also, think Daniels should not put people in the starting rotation but rather let the manager do that.

Sheets seeking big guaranteed money doesn’t bode wll for Texas signing him. Hunter looks like the most logical choice for the next to last spot. It will be interesting to see if Holland/Harrison having options figures into who gets the job, who starts at Triple-A and who’s gone. It’s good to have some depth. Feliz, at least to start the season appears to be working out of the pen.

That seems very premature. Why don’t they at least wait to see if he can get hitters out in spring training first?

Which spot? The 6th?

Ben Sheets update at http://tsheat.mlblogs.com

Ben Sheets update at http://tsheat.mlblogs.com

I know I am just a fan and it does not matter to the Rangers how I feel, but I feel sorry for Feliz and Wilson. Both were supposedly told they would be given a shot at the rotation. With Harden, Feldman, Lewis set, that leaves 2 slots in the rotation for Holland, Hunter, Harrison and McCarthy. That being said, I don’t feel Wilson and Feliz will be given honest shots at the rotation. Which is alright by me, because I love the idea of the two of them in the bullpen. One of them will be the closer next year.

Here’s a message to Texas Summer Heat. There is such a thing as bad manners you know….and hijacking someone else’s Blog is bad manners. What you’re doing is plain out spam and I’m tired of reading it.

Just a fan trying to update other fans. This is also the best way to alert T.R. about what’s out there. This blog and others has plenty of readership. No harm meant. Also, from the hits on my site, others appreciate any Rangers’ news and different perspectives from others. Sorry, if you disagree.

texassummerheat – gotta agree with Fred. The fact that you respond to a great many Ranger blogs promoting your blog is pretty close to the definition of spam.

I’d like to know what your credentials are – are you a member of the BBWAA? Have the Rangers or any other team given you press credentials? Or are you just like the rest of us who have blogs – putting up links to actual reporters who have sources and worked to get their stories and then throwing out our not-newsworthy opinions.

TR’s been reporting on baseball for over 20 years with the Star-Telegram and now MLB.com. He’s has won awards, he’s been inducted to the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame and he’s the past president of the BBWAA- I doubt he needs a blogger telling him where to look for information.

Besides it’s his blog – he can write what he wants, you can do the same … on your blog.

I would probably like for someone to update me on my blog, since I am looking for updates constantly. The alert last night was not being reported anywhere else, I went out and found it, and tried to pass it along to people that wanted it. The way I did it saved time. Next time I will add some comments as well. Sorry if you feel you got spammed. Of course you can always choose not to respond to any posts. I still believe that the 441 unique hits yesterday and a reward as the featured mlblogs site yesterday and today means someone appreciates a different viewpoint, and it keeps the local reporters alert to what the fans want.

Credentials, I am a retired journalism instructor, and Texas Ranger fan. I also, know T.R.’s credentials. I actually thought about applying for the job to run the Rangers’ web site before T.R. got the job with MLB, but the stars were not aligned at the time, so I didn’t apply.

There is a huge difference between trying to sell you something when I post tsheat here, and just trying to give you the latest on a subject. SPAM is usually related to the later. You guys let T.R. run his blog, please. I’m just a fan trying to help. I’m sorry, if you are upset, but I’m just starting out and I really would like for the Rangers to keep up with the Mariners, and contend for the division. No harm in that.

Everybody chill out….

For a moment I thought DWIregod had commented again…

Everybody is welcome at the Elysian Fields…

I discovered and visited tsheat yesterday, liked it , bookmarked it and can employ my limited tech/reading skills to scan and skip…as I do dwidididn’t. And…after the raging controversy today, I suspect that tsheat is happy…and I will see you there as I pursue anything Ranger newsy.

Thank you both. Only trying to help. We’re all Rangers’ fans.

Maybe I should have made myself clearer. What I objected to were the “Ben Sheets update @…..” If you have a Ben Sheet comment by all means make it. But I’ll be darned if I’m going to follow your link. The easiest way for you to get me to follow you link is good clear “Texas Ranger” stories. But when people just post there link or other self advertising I either ignore it or report it as spam. I read TR and occasionally Jamey when he’s not promo’ing the book. When I find someone else who can tell a story I’ll be there….but heck no one else does latin and Catholics as well as TR “Ad deum qui laetificat…”

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