Rangers sign Khalil Greene

The Rangers have signed infielder Khalil Greene to a one-year contract to be their utility infielder. He will receive $750,000. The agreement is pending a physical. He batted .200 in 77 games and 193 at-bats for the Cardinals last year. He has had some personal issues but at one time was a front-line shortstop for the Padres.


The Rangers took a gamble on Khalil Greene.. The Rangers are
an organization that looks at players who had a horrible 2-3
years.. I think Khalil Green will have a good year in Texas as there is no pressure on him I like the 2 moves, signing Vladimir
Guerrero and the signing of Khalil Green.. With Vlad this team is
going to be dangerous. but Vlad can only DH.

It’s all coming together!!! Who’s not giddy….beside d’god most likely?

Seems the Rangers get to sign the leftovers with medical, psychological, or emotional issues. Hopefully when Greenberg and Associates become official, we can sign the Matt Hollidays of the world, instead of those players with thoracic shoulders, social anxiety problems, Tommy John surgeries, players marooned in the Pacific Rim for 3 years, and on and on…..

It would be very nice to go after the TOP-NOTCH guys and not keep pretending the Fort Worth-Arlington-Dallas area is a small market team.

For what we have to spend, I’ll give J.D. credit for signing Greene and Vlad. Just wish it was the Roy Halladays and Matt Hollidays instead, but hey, Hicks brought us to our knees begging once he put his millions into a stupid sport in England where you can’t even use your hands. STUPID!

J.D…..you done good with the resources Hicks bestowed on you. GO RANGERS!

Just for the record, I used “done” for emphasis. I promise, I do know better.

Not to be nitpicky….but, couldn’t we re-sign Hank Blalock, with an incentive-laden 1 or 2 yr. contract, as a steady/reliable left-handed bat. Just wondering, if anyone falters, gets hurt (Josh or Murph for example), we’ll need someone off the bench with a bit of pop from the left side. Thome would be too expensive as a part-time DH, or pinch-hitter, but I’d love to have him somewhere to go with Josh and Vlad.

T.R….what are you hearing on this front, if any, on Hank’s fit with the Rangers?

There is nothing steady or reliable about Hank Blalock’s left handed bat. If they sign a part time first baseman it will be a right handed hitter to compliment Chris Davis. With Davis and Murphy on this team, Balock would be redundant.

Green wil have to put some work in at second base, naturally, but he has a great arm, all kinds of range and a little power. Looks like a decent ulility guy, overall.

hefe, how quickly you are forgetting! When Davis couldn’t hit his way out of a wet, brown paper bag and went to Triple-A, who do you think kept us afloat, played good defense, hit to all fields, and provided pop at first? It wasn’t the fake hitter, Jason Botts that everyone but me loved so much…it was Hank.

Hank doesn’t pay me to say nice things about him, but when he uses all the field, goes to left, he’s pretty darned effective. He’s not Texiera or Raffy at first, but he’d be a good, reliable bat with pop at first, IN CASE a lefty-bat went down, which, if you look at Hamilton and Murphy, nothing is guaranteed for a full year—that’s why I wondered if we could sign him for relatively cheap. If he wants an arm and a leg, forget it. That was my one proviso IF you check, IF he’d come fairly cheap…….ALL IN ALL, I would rather spend the money going after Sheets if healthy (fallback signings would be Jon Garland or Joel Pinero)

Last season obviously didn’t go the way you remember it. From the time Davis was demoted to the time he was recalled, Blalock hit 233/251/395 and we lost 4.5 games in the standings. He was about as productive as Jason Botts during that period, though I’m not sure what he has to do with this, exactly.

Hank is (was) a very useful hitter when he chose to use the whole field and wait for a decent pitch to hit. The trouble is that he doesn’t do that anymore. He takes a massive uppercut at everything flung in his direction and that’s why he went 32 consecutive games without a walk during the Davis demotion.

If you think you were in some elite minority of people who didn’t care for Jason Botts, you’re also misremembering. I know because I argued with dozens of different people that the young man should get a chance to sink or swim in the big leagues based on his Triple-A numbers. I though he would succeed and I was wrong, just like I was wrong in agreeing with the front office for picking up Hank’s option last season.

I am excited about the young pitching that we have. I would like to see Feliz out there. I am also not against seeing CJ as a starter again. The last time he tried starting he was younger. He has good stuff. It would be nice to get Sheets if healthy though.

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