Guerrero still holding out

The Rangers covet Vladimir Guerrero. We know that.

Word is they’ve offered a one-year contract to Guerrero to be their designated hitter. That has been confirmed but there are conflicting reports as to the amount. The Rangers have about $5-7 million to spend on the free agent market. Word is he’s not ready to accept the offer, regardless of the amount.

One source said Guerrero wasn’t particularly happy with the Rangers offer. But he also hasn’t received a better offer from anybody else.

At least not yet.

So let’s say a club would only be interested in Guerrero as their designated hitter. To state the 36-year-old obvious, that would be an American League team.

So where do clubs stand at designated hitter?

Angels – They have signed Hideki Matsui to be their DH and still have an outfield of Juan Rivera, Torii Hunter and Bobby Abreu. Doesn’t look like Guerrero is headed back to Anaheim.

Athletics – They are apparently going to re-sign Jack Cust as their DH and have no interest in Guerrero.

Mariners – They already have a Hall of Famer at DH in Ken Griffey Jr. Remember they also traded for Milton Bradley. He is supposed to play left field but he’ll likely play some DH. But it would seem unlikely that the Mariners would pay Guerrero more than $7 million to be a platoon DH.

Indians – They have Travis Hafner. He could play first base but the Indians have Matt LaPorta there. He was the top prospect acquired from the Brewers for C.C. Sabathia. The Indians could use another bat in left field though.

Royals – Right now they are listing Josh Field, who was just acquired from the White Sox, and Billy Butler. They could use Guerrero but they have the same strict financial parameters as the Rangers.

Tigers – They could definitely use another bat.

Twins – They have Jason Kubel. They should be set.

White Sox – Apparently they are satisfied with Andruw Jones and Mark Kotsay.

Blue Jays – They could use a designated hitter of Guerrero’s caliber.

Orioles – Right now they have Luke Scott. They could do better.

Rays – Pat Burrell. No Vlad here. 

Red Sox – David Ortiz. Enough said.

Yankees – Right now it’s Jorge Posada and they passed on both Matsui and – apparently – Johnny Damon.




I’ve never been a fan of suggesting hard ball be played with players you’re trying to lure into your organization. I generally disagree with the principal of starting off a working relationship that way, but with his options limited, the team’s options numerous and having the best offer on the table, this may be the time to employ such tactics. Tell him that the offer drops a half million every Monday. I bet he signs Sunday night.

I would love it if they signed the MAN just so he couldn’t kill us. But, I believe he would help tremendously.

The only negative? He is reported not accepting it because he thinks it too low. It, also, supposedly is the rest of the off-season money we have. Hurry up with those ownership negotiations. You don’t suppose they’re dragging along because Hicks is trying to retain some kind of leverage in the deal?

I don’t suspect that it’s going to take a long time before we know if Vlad is going to join the Rangers or not. There are a lot of free agents on the market and not many teams that have room for a pricey DH. The Rangers could easily decide to move on and pursue other avenues like Xavier Nady or Jermaine Dye. Whatever the offer is it won’t be around for that much longer.

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