Of the Bound Edition, Sherlock's and Mike Singletary

Get to go to Jamey Newberg’s party in Arlington tonight. This will be a first for me.

Jamey usually schedules the party too close to the Winter Meetings for me to make it but this year it’s looking good.

Newberg-Report-2010-cov-FC.jpgThis is his annual Bound Edition Book Release Party, which is grown to be a pretty big deal. But so has the Bound Edition and the Newberg Report, which is still like the Rose Bowl in that it’s the granddaddy of them all as far as blogs.

 Seriously. In the beginning there was Newberg and the Sons of Sam Horn. All others came after.

So I will be at Sherlock’s at 6 p.m. just to hang out and talk baseball with anybody who wants to join me. We could also talk 49ers, which is my favorite subject these days, but since we all agree that Mike Singletary has this team headed in the right direction and will get there very quickly, probably nothing to discuss. Better stick to baseball.

I will be there. So will Scott Feldman, Rusty Greer, Ian and Tess Kinsler, Tommy Hunter, Derek Holland and Chris Davis. They will be signing autographs but you have to buy the book to get an autograph.

That’s the rule. Buy book, get autographs. Up to three autographs per player. They will sign bats and balls too. Just need to buy the book.

And you need to buy the book because it’s a great book. Seriously. Peter Gammons wrote the Foreword. How did Jamey get Peter to do that? Well…never mind. I wrote the Foreword many years ago.

Plus bring new unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots. They will be there too and it will be in a private room.

This is the 11th year that the Bound Edition has come out. Basically it’s all of the Newberg Reports from the past year plus lots and lots of features, lists, nuggets and other interesting stuff about the Rangers…especially the farm system. To cover the Rangers, you have to have:

1. All media guides

2. All Newberg Bound Editions

3. Eric Nadel’s history of the Rangers

4. Mutiny on the Bounty

Actually the last one is my all-time favorite book and has nothing to do with the Rangers. Just thought I would throw it in there.

But I do have all the Newberg books and almost all the Rangers media guides. Missing a few from the 1970’s. Have them all lined up here in my study. Pretty impressive looking set.

But I will be a Sherlock’s to get my latest copy of the Bound Edition, talk baseball and maybe see what kind of beverages they serve. Plus Marla!!!!

If you show up, as an added bonus, I will explain to you why Mike Singletary is the best thing to happen to the 49ers since they hired Bill Walsh.

How can you turn that down?

 Sherlock’s is in the Lincoln Square Center in Arlington…west of the Ballpark. You can even get there earlier if you would like.


Death to the 49ers!! GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!! ‘nuf said

Have fun at the book party. Wish I could attend.

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