Coming to the Ballpark…a central video board

Chuck Greenberg addressed the media by conference call this afternoon. Most interesting thing he said was the Ballpark in Arlington needs a large central video board.

That appears to be the one project that he is most determined about.

More on the website..


Great! Yet another swipe at transforming the Ballpark from the vision Tom Schieffer had in the first place–the manual scoreboard, all the horrid signage that Hicks provided during his tenure, the renaming to Ameriquest, etc….all have taken their toll in removing the wonderful nostalgic feel to the grand ballyard.

Video board? For crying out loud–if you go to an auto repair waiting room, there’s TV. Go to restaurants, there is the omnipresent TV screen. Look at JerryWorld–the folks watch the videoboard, taking their focus OFF of the reason they are there—to WATCH the game on the field. I think having a Big-Screen mentality is stupid, and “dumbs-down” the fans to where they are going to look to the Video board to just be “entertained” with specials, Fast moving graphics, dot races, and taking their focus off the relatively-slow-moving game ON the field. Can’t fans be content with the game on the field? Do they need constant entertainment with special video displays, or can fans handle just watching the intricacies and subtle strategies of the game? The PURIST in me screams at Greenberg to go back to the many days of yore where there was only a scoreboard, and people could focus on the wonderful game we love—not being entertained on the big TV screen. C’mon Nolan, school this guy!

I’m happy Greenberg and Nolan are going to be in management, but PLEASE, revert to the original intent of the ballpark, manual scoreboards, no signage, a sense of history, whcih baseball admires and retro ballparks are made to revert back to—not being the “modernist” which the Kingdome, Humpty-Dumpty Dome, etc. were made for–modernism.

Here’s hoping we get NO VIDEO BOARD, which WILL be a glorified method of advertisement. Don’t we get enough of this in any waiting room or restaurant in America?

Yeah, let’s slather the place in lead based paint and asbestos while where at it because progress is stupid. God forbid we get to see replays of good defensive plays or other highlights.

I’m all for a new video board. HD all the way. The tiny screen on top of the Home Run Porch might have been okay in 1994 but by today’s standards is pathetic. (I never cared much for the manual scoreboard, either, although I think they could do a better job with its replacement.) Nobody said it has to show live video.

By the way, T.R., how come you rarely call it Rangers Ballpark in Arlington? Sure, “the Ballpark” will do in a pinch, but I prefer the current name and wish it had been that way the whole time. I hope Greenberg knows better than to mess with the name of the stadium or the uniforms (which I think were perfect last year).

I’m all for a new scoreboard too. Maybe for the true Rangers fans it won’t make that much of a difference, but remember, we don’t have that big of a fanbase and new technology might entice some extra people to come to the Ballpark.

I meant video board, not scoreboard

Hefe, you crack me up! I just want a to win regardless of where we play. I would like to add pennant and world series banners to the ballpark, please!


hopefully you know good and well that people don’t go to the Cowboys’ new stadium and watch the game—they watch the video board because it is so intrusive.

Baseball differs. It is not on a time clock, and therefore is more strategy-oriented.

A gigantic videoboard will be a Commercial board, and show some plays, but any controversial plays or calls will always be subject to not embarrasing umpires, so what you’ll have is a fanbase watching the intrusive board and getting used to not watching the intricacies of the game.

Reason is, because, like the folks who a year ago were bedazzled by “CHANGE”, were rather bamboozled, because we’ve become so dumbed-down. So, hefe, any video board that is anywhere as intrusive of the game as the Cowgirls stadium, will necessarily become the focus, not the on-the-field happenings. I’m all for a replay of Elvis going in the hole for a spectacular play, but, the Commericalization is what I’m pointing to, which you obviously cannot defend.

Who wouldn’t want to watch spectacular plays? Everyone wants to……but, how many spectacular plays will be made each game to justify the great expense of the board…commercial advertisers will explode all over your beloved Cowboy-style video board……I just hate the pure baseball fans, those who might still keep the boxscore or know the small things going on inside the game, will be lost……Hope you haven’t bamboozled by the crass commercialization and strains of last years, “Yes, we can. Change, change, change!”

Ameriquest Field, all over again, on the video board…..commercials, gimmickry, games,…….great! Say it ain’t so hefe.

Is there anyone else out in Rangerland who would prefer the money be spent to lure a Ben Sheets, Jim Thome, etc…than having a larger venue for commercials and graphic gimmickry?

Give me better players Greenberg, not high-tech commercialization.

I think you’re jumping to conclusion so assume that a new, larger, more modern video board is going to somehow be anywhere near as intrusive as that thing in Jerry World is. The reason people are distracted by it is that it’s showing the game in real time, isn’t it? What makes you leap to the conclusion that the Rangers catching up to the rest of basebal with a up to date video presentation is going to detract from the game? I go to several games a year and I’ve haven’t noticed being distracted by all the bright lights and advertisements. Maybe because I have the attention span to watch a baseball game. I do sometimes get frustrated by the low-resolution joke of a big screen in RF when I want to see a great Elvis Andrus play a couple of more times after it happens and it’s an embarassment that people seated in the right field area have just now gotten, last season, an opportunity to see replays and video presentations between innings.

As far as advertisement in the ballpark. Get used to it. That’s not a Rangers issue, it’s a baseball issue. Wanting your team to cut itself off from revenue streams that every single other team in baseball take part is seems tad on the naive side. In short, why would I have to defend what the Rangers are doing when it’s industry standard?

“Ben Sheets, Jim Thome, etc…” – How do you expect Greenburg to sign player this offeason when he doesn’t even own the team, man? This video board thing isn’t happening until 2011. How about we give the guy a chance (after he’s actually aquired the team) to see if he only spends money on stadiums improvements rather than on field improvments.

Merry Christmas, Bingo.

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