Crane submits new proposal

Houston businessman Jim Crane has submitted a new proposal to buy the Rangers. Crane seemed to fall out of the running last month, leaving it down to the group led by Pittsburgh sports attorney Chuck Greenberg and the one led by Beverly Hills businessman Dennis Gilbert.

But Crane is still trying to buy the team from current owner Tom Hicks even though word is he would have a tough time getting approval from Major League Baseball.

The reason Crane is staying around?

Economics is driving this deal. This is all about satisfying the debt accrued by Hicks Sports Management. That’s the word from Major League Baseball. Greenberg’s group and Gilbert’s group have both been determined to be valid bidders. Both should be approved should they be selected.

But it’s likely going to come down to the highest bidder.

Hicks supposedly has a Dec. 15 deadline to pick one group. That’s Tuesday. Major League baseball wants this to get done. But it seems like it could go on beyond Tuesday.

Lewin signs: The Rangers have agreed to a one-year contract with a one-year option with broadcaster Josh Lewin. His contract was up at the end of this season but he is coming back again in 2010 to lead the Rangers television broadcasts.


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At this point even the Salvation Army would be a better owner than Hicks. Hicks really must be suffering though because this franchise is turned around folks. This franchise has finally discovered that it truly is about the pitching. At this point you have 10 pitchers that for our past teams any of which could have started for us. I personally would like to see Harden, Feldman, Feliz, Holland and Hunter as our 5 man staff. I just want to see Feliz dominate as a starter, Francisco and Wilson are fine as the closers. Would the White Sox take McCarthy for Danks straight up? Maybe Daniels could tell them that McCarthy, AKA Alfred E. Newman was further along than Danks…..Ha, ha, DVD, DVD, DVD, DVD…..Anyone else remember that battle cry from 2 years ago? All three of them gone and for what? A bag of magic beans thats what. Don’t even bring up the cream puff boy who is loved and thought of so much that the Rangers won’t even re-negotiate his contract. At this point, Hamilton has made more money from his book than his baseball corrupts and for Tiger Woods. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even in today’s society, Woods is done as a pitchman. Oh yes he will win golf tournaments in the future, but Gilette, Gatorade and others will soon fade away…..

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