On Harden, Lowell, Byrd

The latest…

* The Rangers are expected to announce the Rich Harden signing sometime later today or tonight. He is undergoing his physical today.

* The Rangers and the Red Sox are still not ready to announce the trade of catcher Max Ramirez and Mike Lowell. There is still more work to be done.

“Both clubs are evaluating it and the general parameters are understood,” Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said Thursday morning.

Lowell’s medical records need to be reviewed and there are many people who need to sign off on the financial parameters of the deal.

* The Rangers are unlikely to sign Marlon Byrd, Daniels said. He has had conversations with Sam Levinson and little progress has been made toward Byrd’s return.

“I don’t think it’s realistic,” Daniels said. “We haven’t eliminated it but it’s very unlikely.”



I wonder if the hold up is a thorough examination of medical records, agreement on how much salary the Red Sox pick up, or both.

I realize that there is a risk in trading Kevin Millwood for Chris Ray. Millwood had a good not great 4 years here. But he is turning 35 soon and he showed signs of decline as the season ended. But that being said Chris Ray is a quality reliever with a big arm if he can fully recover for his Tommy John surgery. Sometimes it take a year or so to get your command and your velosity back. But this is what I am excited about getting Rich Harden signed. I know this is another big risk but one I am will to take. Harden did make 26 starts last year for the cubs with a 9-9 record and just above a 4.00 era with a ton of strike outs. If Harden is healthy he can be the ace of this staff for this year and next year. At only 28 if he can stay heathly and Scott Feldman can have another good year with Holland, Feliz and Hunter I think that could a good up and coming group of starting pitchers. I love this time of year trades and free agnets signing this is great. We will see what happens with this Mike Lowell business which I am for too. Mike Lowell is a winner and a good guy to have in the room.

A lurker here; have read a couple years but this is my first post…

Lowell is past the prime of his career, but I relate it to what the Cowboys did by bringing on Keith Brookings. Not in his prime, but very nice addition and great clubhouse presence!!

At first, I didn’t really understand this move, but now it makes since. Instead of getting your DH guy who plays outfield, get your DH guy who can play infield due to Texas’s crowded outfield. Still, Dave Murphy deserves more playing time, so getting another DH is still stupid, but makes more sence than getting another DH/OF.

so….Help me out here. Is Mike Lowell good enough to be taking at-bats away from Dave Murphy?

Whatever happened to Brandon McCarthy? I remember reading somewhere that “Brandon McCarthy is further along than Jon Danks.” The only thing that McCarthy is further along than Danks is the disabled list or further along in losses…….All kidding aside, do we have some pitching depth or what? At this point, i would go with Harden, Holland, Feldman, Feliz and Hunter. Nippert, McCarthy, Harrison and Wilson to the bullpen. I love Wilson and think he would make a good starter, however, i need him in the bullpen…

Wow the young pitching depth on this team is incredible! Lets not forget Eric Hurley in that mix. The H named and F named pitchers on this staff have the potential to be really really special. A Harden, Hunter, Harrison, Holland and Hurley rotation would be a competitive staff in itself! Throw in Feldman and Feliz? Nasty………….If we can have just a good (not great) season from a combination of 5 – 9 starters this team could be special! Now if the Rangers can get this team sold, free up the purse strings and get the egotistical Halladay to see real opportunity? Oh sorry, I was dreaming of H’s there for a minute.

Same old story Murph used as a scrub. It happened with Sosa Jones and now it will be Lowell. Murph should be playing in the outfield not DHibg anyway Cruz is the one that should be Dhing ashe is the worst fielder. Please don’t tell me about zone rating just watch the two of them play.

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