Ron Washington at the Winter Meetings…

A few observations from the Rangers manager:

On Justin Smoak:  I’m not going to say it’s realistic that Justin is going to break through.  He will get an opportunity to come into Spring Training and compete.  As we go through Spring Training you’ll see how things shake itself out, and that’s going to determine where Justin fits.  But if he doesn’t make our Major League club, at least he’ll get an opportunity to go down to Triple A and perform down there, and then it’ll be up to Justin to make his way up to the Big Leagues.”

mlb_u_washington11_200.jpgOn why Milton Bradley was successful in Texas:
“I really couldn’t. I don’t have the formula to why Milton did what he did for us, but I had Milton in Oakland, and I handled Milton like a man.  I called him out when it was time to call him out, and he accepted it.  Milton is a very smart guy, and he knows when he’s done wrong.  I just didn’t let it fester.  And in the process he enjoyed playing in Texas, he enjoyed playing with the guys that were in Texas.  He certainly enjoyed all of his teammates and the atmosphere that we created there. There’s no one thing that I can say that I worked some magic on, I just treated Milton like I treated everyone else, like a man.”

On Tommy Hunter: “Well, Tommy did an excellent job for us in a starting role when we brought him up.  We certainly didn’t have plans for him when the season started, but he came up and showed that he can compete at the Major League level, and one thing I like about Tommy is he competes every day through good and bad times, and the one thing I like more than anything else, he doesn’t shy away from adversity.”

On what drives him crazy as a manager: “I think what drives me nuts as a manager is not executing the fundamentals.  Even though the effort is there and you know they’re trying to do it, it still bothers you because when they don’t get it done, it could have been a tie, and that could have made a difference in the ballgame.  I was a player, so I understand you calls try and don’t always get it done, but that still doesn’t make the pain any less.”

On Elvis Andrus: “Well, number one and foremost is that he continues to play defense.  If he starts to struggle offensively, that’s okay.  I just want him to catch the baseball and make the plays.  But this is a kid that don’t take anything for granted, and I expect him to be better offensively than he was last year.  I thought he did a great job offensively last year for the first time coming out of Double A.”

Who is the Rangers cleanup hitter: “It would probably have to be Josh Hamilton.  I’ll move Michael down to third and Kinsler second.  I think Kinsler performs better when he’s in the mix hitting at the top of the lineup in the first inning.  When he has to wait to hit, I think it takes a lot away from him.  Last year when we brought Borbon up, I recognized that, and I want to keep Kinsler getting his at-bats early in the game.  I’ll try to move Michael to third and Hamilton to fourth.”



Interesting…….because I thought last seaon Michael Young hit best when he was in the #2 slot, Hamilton hit best while in the #3 slot, and Kinsler hit best when he was in the 5th or 6th spot……but I guess that’s why Washington is the manager and I’m the arm chair manager.

This proves yet again that wash is a ding dong!! Bat young third cone on. He is the best contact hitter on the team Ian is not young needs to bat #2 behind elivs at 9 & borbon @ 1 young cam get them in or move them over or they can hit & run Alot Ian strikes out too much to bat #2 he should be hitting 3 or5 . This proves yet again that wash don’t know what he is doing & should be fired!! It will be a great day when he is no longer the ranger manager I wish he would go when hicks goes then maybe the rangers could win something. The rangers will never make the playoffs with this joker as the manager!!

Sensible talk from the manager, who if we hadn’t taken a swan dive late, would have been manager of the year. I appreciate him taking his time to comment on the young guys and give us some insight to why he does things. Not having been in the major league for 30 years I won’t presume to second guess him.

That is my whole point he was the main reason the rangers took a dive. He can’t mange & shows no fire at all. Rember what he said before the last home stand with the angels he said we need 2of3 then asked mind you with three weeks left in the season will that be enough to catch the angels? He said no prolly not he had pretty much given up. Is this the guy you want leading your team not me!!

Michael put up an .897 OPS in the 3 hole last season.

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