Ryan: In with Greenberg; out with Gilbert

The latest on the Rangers ownership situation…


Nolan Ryan confirmed that he is aligned with Pittsburgh sports attorney Chuck Greenberg and his group in their attempt to attempt to purchase the Rangers from owner Tom Hicks. Ryan would remain club president if Greenberg is successful.


Ryan confirmed that he would not remain with the Rangers if Dennis Gilbert’s team purchases the club. Gilbert would oversee the Rangers on a day-to-day basis, something Ryan current does as club president


Gilbert said he would try to persuade Ryan to remain with the club if he ended up buying the team. But Ryan appears adamant that he will not stay with the Rangers.


Ryan confirmed that Hicks is no longer in partnership with Gilbert. If Gilbert buys the team, Hicks would not be a part of the ownership group.


Ryan said Hicks is still working on structuring a deal that would allow him to retain controlling interest in the Rangers. Ryan said he would remain as club president if that were to happen.


Both Gilbert and Greenberg resubmitted proposals on Monday that Hicks is currently reviewing.


Ryan said Greenberg’s proposals include different scenarios in which Hicks would remain with their ownership group, but on a limited basis. Ryan would be club president, Greenberg would be managing partner and group would have a board of directors.


Hicks has until Dec. 15 to decide whether to accept either Gilbert, Greenberg/Ryan or come up with a new group of his own.


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