Marlins not dealing Josh Johnson

The Rangers made a run at Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson. At one point they were willing to trade Justin Smoak and Neftali Feliz. The Marlins weren’t interested in that one.


wow…. that one makes you stop and think. Not sure what I do if I’m the Rangers and that trade gets proposed to me. A little surprised that the Rangers offered that one.

Is Josh Johnson really THAT good?

Yes, he’s that good. Surprised by 2 things, a.) that Daniels would offer them, b.) that Florida would turn them down. I love Johnson but the only pitcher remotely worth more than that is Greinke. I concur with hef that the Fish don’t want to move him.

Josh Johnson is a true #1, Cy Young type talent, but I’m shocked that Fla didn’t take that offer. They truly aren’t interested in trading him.

The Marlins were INSANE not to take that offer.

The Rangers are insane for making it. I don’t know that much about Johnson, but i have seen Smoak and Feliz. My mantra is you never ever trade young pitching. Especially ones that throw in the 100+. If this is true it just shows that Daniels still hasn’t learned from his blunders. Danks and Volquezcome to mind. Hamilton is one drink away or whipped cream photo from being a nobody, so don’t even bring him up. A drug addict who doesn’t fill his potential, what a shocker. Which leads to this question, has there been anymore instances that the Rangers haven’t reported? Smoak is the future at first base and Davis is the future at third. Young is the future in a retirement home with a nice income. The Rangers failure to retain the players that it develops is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE! Hopefully Greenberg/Ryan will change this. We have a core group of players that need to stay together for the next 6+ years. Now i am all for us going with the young players, but when they produce for you and it is time for them to be compensated, then you have to step up, especially if it is a pitcher or another guy that is a key player. There have been far too many guys traded or not resigned for financial reasons. This has to stop!

People keep bashing the rangers front office, but come on what else do you want them to do? They have managed to completely reshape the minor league system into being one that is number 1 the past 2 seasons. We now have tons of trade depth where we can consider an eye opening trade of some of our… See More top talent to get a number 1 starter. Let’s play hypothetical here for a second. Let’s say that the Rangers did make that trade then you are looking at a rotation of millwood/sheets/harden (think it’s one or the other at this point), Josh Johnson, Scott Feldman, Tommy Hunter, and either Derek Holland or CJ Wilson. That’s a pretty unbelievable rotation. I’m not saying that I would necessarily do this deal but it’s not as ridiculous of a trade as people are making it out to be (mainly from people’s comments on some of the other message boards)

*Also the Rangers have Chris Davis at first base and can we really picture an infield with both Smoak and Davis? They are both young and talented infielders and I am not crazy about either one being DH. Davis is a gold glove first baseman so you can’t move him off the corner spot and Michael Young isn’t going anywhere for a couple more years and by the time that Young moves on then you have Tommy Mendonca that should be ready to jump in. However, Justin Smoak can flat out hit so… tough call but not ridiculous

WTF Daniels! I guess you didnt get enough HEAT for the DANKS Christmas present to the White Sox or the Adrian Gonzalez Give away Sweepstakes…

And how in the world do the Marlins turn this down! after Johnson has made it clear he wants a contract in the Santana/Sabathia Range…

The only way I do it is give up Smoak, Beaven, Diamond and C Max Ramirez and would be a sign and trade. But if the Marlins declined Feliz and Smoak how in the world would they accept this.

Daniels I think the Marlins just saved ur job for a little longer…by declining YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT #3.

They must be saying in Indy “SANTA CLAUS IS IN THE BUILDING…” jingle bells, jingle bells…

Goldeneye, you lose a ton of credibility when you mention trading Tommy Diamond. He’s in the Cubs organization now. Yes this deal would be a headscratcher, but if a great GM like the one in Florida is turning this deal down, then either it’s not as bad as it looks, or maybe these GMs know a little more than you. To anyone who doesn’t think that Josh Johnson isn’t that good is misinformed. Johnson, coming off TJ surgery, is one of the top arms, established mind you, in all of baseball. He’s 25 years old, but the thing that intrigues me is that he is only under team control for another another few years. I would tend to think that it was Smoak and Neffy for Johnson plus… JD has progressed tremendously since his younger years as GM, but this trade would seem to favor FLA, but we would also be getting something MUCH BETTER back than in the previously mentioned deals. Johnson>>>>>>>>> B-Mac and Eaton/Aki.

Joe Brandon Roberts, I love Crush Davis, but he is a great first baseman (I wouldn’t say Gold Glove quite yet), but he is lacking tremendously at the hot corner. He is a guy you send out there to give someone some rest or if MY is out for a few days. He is not someone you plug over there and anticipate helping a defense. The Rangers improved by leaps and bounds this season on the heels of its defense, and moving Crush there full time would be counter productive.

yes I apologize. I didn’t mean to put hot corner. I mean first base. I would def agree that Davis is a first baseman and not a third baseman. I love young over there and think he will be there for a few more years.

thanks for the correction. I know Johnson is a Top Tier Starter…but I wouldnt trade 2 potential All Stars for a guy that potientially leave in 2 yrs. Because he wants over $15M/per. Why would we take that risk especially after we’ve seen what Feliz is capable of and who would doubt he can post an ERA under 4.00 in the Rotation.
On Davis and Smoak the only way I can see both with the club at the same time is if Davis can prove he can hit and assume most of the DH assingment while Smoak playing the majority of the time at 1st. The other option that “experts” have suggested is moving Smoak to one of the OF corners, But Im sold on that one.

I say the reason the fish turned it down they think they will get more for him at the July deadline my thoughts. In my mind feliz would not be any trade. Johnson is great but with injury history I would not do that deal. No way no how.

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