Latest on Millwood…

Kevin Millwood remains a prime topic of discussion at the Winter Meetings…

There are a number of teams interested in Millwood. The Orioles were the hottest but that seems to have cooled off.

The Rangers were interested in Orioles pitcher Chris Tillman, one of their top prospects, but were being offered David Hernandez and Brandon Erby. Both have physical issues.

Other teams are poking around including the Mets and the Diamondbacks. The Rangers want young pitching in return.

Word is there is a “reasonable” amount of interest Millwood from other teams and the interest is improving.

If the Rangers trade Millwood, it could free up some money to pursue other free agent pitchers. They have particular interest in Ben Sheets and Rich Harden, who is high on their list. They could also look into a right-handed bat, whether it be Vladimir Guerrero or Jermaine Dye. Guerrero is looking for a two-year deal.



2010 is supposed to be the year that Daniels has been saying that the Rangers will be awesome. So, if this is supposed to be our year, then why trade Millwood for some prospects? Isn’t this conter-productive to the goals the Rangers have been preaching?

David Hernandez does not have physical issues. Don’t know where you got that from.

Hernandez has missed 1 starts since his professional career and that was because he was sick. Very durable pitcher if you ask me.

It’s Erbe, not Erby and neither he or Hernandez is currently hurt in any way. That deal is too much for Millwood in itself, unless the Rangers are picking up a ton of salary, even then the O’s probably shouldn’t do it.

I was like Erby? and I must agree I didnt find any injury reports on these players…I wouldnt mind Tillman or these two guys for Millwood.
Or what about Millwood($12M), Davis, Beavan to the Diamondbacks for OF Justin Upton (.900 OPS, 20 SB) and Catcher Chris Snyder($5M+7next yr).
Arizona will be getting a formidable #2 starter and will make a heck of a rotation in the NL West (HAREN, WEBB, MILLWOOD, E. JACKSON) Plus they will get a 1B they need GG capable and tremendous upside. And a pitching prospect.
The Rangers will get the Right handed bat they need in Upton(22) and catcher they severly need in Snyder(28) even though he is coming off an injury but I believe he’ll be fine. $16M are coming off the books if they dont resign byrd including others due to free agency. That means they would have around $23M to spend by dealing Millwood. Should be enough to sign a pitcher like Bedard/Harden/Sheets on an incentive-laden deal (~$5M) two relievers (~$8M) and sign a DH/OF like Guerrero($4M+inctvs) or at last resort Thome.

Shed I think that deal for Ray would stink. I feel they can get more than that for milly & how & why are the rangers giveing cash that would really make me mad. 2010 is supose to be the year & they are trying to trade every one away this stinks!!

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