Catching become a top priority

The Rangers are looking hard for a catcher.

A starting catcher. Jason Kendall and Rod Barajas are two names that they are strongly considering.

The Rangers are definitely concerned about Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s shoulder. They don’t appear to be comfortable on relying solely on Taylor Teagarden.

Catching has risen to the top of the priority list here at Indianapolis.



You take Teagarden in the first round and you won’t play him? Does anyone else on here remember what this guy did when he was called up in the fall of 2008? Play this guy everyday PLEASE! You can’t have it both ways Ranger BRASS! Either you want to pay veteran players or you have to play the young ones. In the past year and 1/2 we have gone with our younger players and they have been GOLDEN. So why is this any different? TEAGARDEN must play, period end of story. If you want to go get KENDALL to backup then do so. I KNOW that TEAGARDEN is a better catcher than Salty. Salty should DH or play first base end of story! Deal Millwood PLEASE. Deal Young PLEASE! Tom Hicks always a day late and a dollar short. With $12.00 parking how is it that he can’t or won’t pay his bills? Still trying to hold on Tom??? Get out, your ownership here has been a failure……end of story. I am sure your sales people will jump for joy when you sell the team. Make a freaking decision, either you want to stay as majority owner or you don’t. You could have got a minority owner if that was your goal. I am sure MLB is tired of paying your bills and wants someone else to run the team. Once a Longhorn always a Longhorn. Maybe if you hadn’t of given so much cash to UT then you could pay your bills. I sure wish i could refuse to pay my bills and not be ridiculed. What has happened to this country? The citizens used to stand for something, i.e. values i believe they were called. Oh for a return to a moral compass, integrity or so to speak. If you couldn’t or wouldn’t pay your bills in the past this would be looked upon with disdain. Now it isn’t a problem. As my Daddy used to say, ” he who pays the way, has the say.” Well Hicks MLB is calling the shots here, at this point, they probably would let a non profit organization buy this team. Go back to Dallas Tom and talk to your neighbor about the good ole days. Say what you want about Bush Jr. but at least he was and is a capitalist.

I’d ask the same thing about Barajas and/or Kendall that I did about Pudge. How are they a better option than Teagarden as a starter? None of these catchers are good offensively. Teagarden controls the running game as well as, or better than, any of them, he works well with the staff and his footwork and blocking are solid, especially when compared to guys in their mid to late 30’s. True he’s a black hole on offense and has a sketchy injury history, so you’d want a legit back up like Kendall, Barajas or Blanco. Hopefully Teagarden will get every chance to win the starting job in the spring.

Tea was actually a 3rd rounder, but as long as he is healthy, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be given a chance to rebuild his value and play every day. No doubt we need a fallback if he gets hurt again, but I wouldn’t want the team to spend $2M/yr or give up prospects to fill the backup role. Where is Adam Melhuse? Given what we hear about the team’s finances, I’d rather get a DH with some pop (maybe Thome) than have two starting catchers. I hope any C acquisition is later rather than sooner.

I really believe we need to see what we have with Teagarden before we spend what little $ we have on another C. I personally haven’t seen enough of him to know if he can handle the job or not, and while Salty’s out and Pudge is gone, I don’t see why Tea isn’t the incumbent C at spring training.

The organization talked down about Borbon this past fall, saying he wasn’t ready to play. Suddenly this week he’ll be ready to not only start in CF, but hit leadoff. Glad to hear it. Will we see a similar turnaround with Teagarden?…

Agree with all of you. It should be Teagarden’s job to loose and let Max Ramirez and Pina compete in Spring. Wait UNTIL then to sign a backup catcher IF NEEDED, which would cost the Rangers less $ than if they sign one today.

I dont mind Borbon leading off as he posted a good OBP but iffy in CF, he needs to bust his butt off to improve denfesively and I think he will.

Sign either Harden, Bedard or Sheets to a incentive-laden contract if you cant re-sign Byrd. And go after Guerrero, Thome or Dye. If they cant do that, then offer Millwood and Davis and Murphy for OF J.Upton and C Snyder(they got surplus) which in turn free up $7M to get a quality Starter.

What is wrong with you people Teagarden had his chance this past season. He proved he can’t block a ball in the dirt,he can’t throw a runner out he sure does not control the running game as someone said here people run all over him. Not to mention he won’t block the plate when a runner is coming home. It is always that sorry swipe tag. Not to mention he has no clue how to hit come on he hit .212 in the fall league I would be worried about him too.

“he can’t throw a runner out he sure does not control the running game as someone said here people run all over him” – FAIL. Teagarden threw out 38% of opposing base stealers, over 10% more than the league average.

Hefe I would like to see tea do well but I don’t think he will ever be more than just an average backup that is just my thought. As for max rameriz now you what to to talk about someone who can’t throw that is the guy. I seen high catchers with better a better pop time then him he forsure will never make.

Pudge is still a great catcher, I don’t see why the Rangers could not have matched what the national offered. When he left here the first time Mr. Hicks said he was finished as a catcher. Also that he could not handle the pitchers. He was proved wrong. I think the Pudge would still have accepted a backup role with the Rangers if Salty or Tea were doing the job for the club. But having his behind the plate knowledge would have been a great help to the youner catchers in the clubhouse.

More than anything I would love to see Pudge enter the hall of fame as a “Texas Ranger”.

“I don’t think he will ever be more than just an average backup that is just my thought” – That’s sort of my point, rangersrulz. Teagarden and all the other catchers being talked about are basically back ups/part times, so why not go with the young one who has a chance to improve rather than the 30-somethings in decline?

Hefe my thought is they need a veteran in the mix like Kendall or rod b then go to camp & let them fight it out. Then if Teagarden proves he is better then go with him that is my point

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