Ryan and Staubach May Join Hicks/Rangers Ownership Group

Rangers owner Tom Hicks on the state of the potential sale of the organization.


Here are some of the highlights:

  • Hicks says he has been exploring the possibility of putting together a group of local investors lead by him that would retain ownership of the Rangers.  Hicks said Nolan Ryan and Roger Staubach have agreed to be a part of such a group.


  • Hicks said he is expecting some proposals from three potential ownership groups by Friday.  Hicks said he will still study these proposals to see which one is the best fit for the Rangers.


  • Hicks refused to comment on the identity of the three groups, but it is generally known that they are headed by Pittsburgh attorney Chuck Greenburg, Houston businessman Jim Crane and former sports agent Dennis Gilbert.


  • Hicks said that as of Wednesday he had received interest from a fourth group which has not yet been indentified.


  • It will be up to Hicks to decide which proposal is best for the Rangers.


  • Any proposal must be approved by Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League  and the forty lenders who’ve extended credit to Hicks Sports Group.  The primary goal of any sale is to pay down and /or reduce the debt of Hicks Sports Group.


  • Hicks said the process could be completed by the end of the year.


More on the website later.



I hope Hicks doesn’t have any part in running this team after the sale. We need a new owner with deeper pockets.

I have to admit that early on I was not a Tom Hicks supporter. Since he has added Noan Ryan I have been satisfied with what he has done except of course for his running out of money…which has frankly hurt us on the free agent market IF indeed we want to be on the free agent market. We really can’t blame Hicks for the commercial money markets drying up.

I’ll go with Hicks if he continues to align himself with Ryan and gets his money house in order. Keep our young pitchers and infielders Tom and get a couple of impact players!

As far as I am concerned, Hicks has stolen our(mine) baseball joy for a decade now and it is time for him to vacate the premises. Things have gotten better since Nolan Ryan’s arrival but Hicks is financially unable now to help the team get the pieces it needs to reach the next level. The best thing he can do for the Rangers and Rangers fans is to make a fantastic choice on the new ownership group.

Hickey, please sell the Rangers. Get out! Leave! Go! Surely MLB will have a say. I wish i could just stop paying my bills and call myself an investor. If Hicks would have listened to Melvin 10 years ago, we would have enjoyed the fruits of this rebuilding process much earlier. HICKS is most likely going to get his funds and keep the team. But hey, we are just in the same old perpetual cycle. Once Hamilton and these others are eligible to get paid, they will get gone, just as others from the past. The Rangers are primed for a run, i just do not have the confidence, that HICKS can lead us to the promised land. It is all about the 12.00 parking and $6.50 Beer. I know, i know, So is Jerry. Well as Jerry says, “How did you like those THREE Super Bowl Victories?” Until Hicks hoists that World Series Title, the only chips i see that he leaves on the table are Buffalo Chips. P.S. Pay your creditors, you deadbeat….. Hey TR, Did the MLB have to step in and pay your salary too??????

Wouldn’t Young and Millwood look good with the Red Sox Nation? It would be a great way for us to get rid of some big contracts. Do we really need Millwood @$12 million a year? Do we really need a third baseman that can’t hit the ball out of the yard? I want power #’s from the third baseman. Davis to third, Smoak to first and Bradley to DH. Speaking of Bradley, how about Young to the Cubs for Bradley, with the Cubs paying 1/2 of Bradley’s salary. That would be a good trade to bankrupt franchises cutting deals. Hicks ain’t selling his majority interest, this has just been a ploy to generate interest and drive up the price to the other investors. This has been the plan all along, get $400 million, keep 51% and let the others have 49%. How much is the ex-wife going to get????

I’d say the first three letters in your moniker… DWI, says all.
Can we take John Hart to Pebble Beach and flee fast on cart, as he’s putting out? I do agree with a Millwood move… it’s business MORE than usual this year. Young is the FACE of the Rangers and should retire as such, down the road. He’s the stability of this Organization… the Glue. It’s “Stand Up” this year, for a few players. Kinsler & Hamilton comes to mind. Both SHOULD hit .300 plus, with their talent. Numbers will come, behind their productive Batting Average. Rally time.

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