Monday Morning Manager…Milton Bradley

The Rangers refuse to rule out the possibility of Milton Bradley coming back to Texas.

Club officials aren’t expecting it to happen but it’s something club officials are definitely talking about as they try to figure out a way to repair an offense that scored 115 less runs in 2009 than in 2008.

A month ago, it seemed impossible that the Rangers would bring back Bradley. Now there seems some hemming and hawing.

Monday_Morning_Manager.jpgThe Rangers know that the Cubs are eager to unload Bradley, who has two years and $20 million left on his contract. They know there is a possibility the Cubs could pick up a sizable portion of that contract, a must if the Rangers are going to get involved.

The Rangers know that Bradley had a big impact on their lineup in 2008 when he hit .321 and set a club record with a .436 on-base percentage and a .563 slugging percentage. They know he’s the kind of hitter they need in their lineup and they remember how productive Josh Hamilton was with Bradley hitting behind him.

They also know that he only played in 124 games because of physical issues and his 414 at-bats were only the second highest of his career. They also know that Bradley is high-maintenance, even for manager Ron Washington.

But if the Rangers can get him cheaply…

The Rangers are interviewing four hitting coach candidates today: Rusty Greer, Gerald Perry, Thad Bosley and Clint Hurdle. Bet Bradley is a topic of discussion during the process. Perry worked with him in both Oakland and Chicago.

Makes you wonder how much that was a consideration…

Rounding up the usual questions while getting the blog going for the winter. Sorry October was slow but needed a little down time… We are up and running again

1. Would you want Milton Bradley back with the Rangers?

2. Do you think Rusty Greer would make a good hitting coach?

3. Which of the other three candidates stand out for you:

4. Are you surprised that the DFW market has one of the lowest TV ratings in the country when it comes to watching the World Series?

5. How do you think you’ll feel when you see Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez celebrating a World Series title?












1. I’d consider Bradley at a cheap cost. He’s an interesting name because he did great in 2008. I don’t think he had a negative impact at all on other players with the team. Plus this team has strong leadership. He’s not the cancer that Padilla was and he has a passion to battle with his teammates. Bradley has a tendency to say the wrong things at the wrong times. I’m concerned with his production that he had last season but if he can get into a DH role then maybe it’s a consideration. Of course if you aquire Bradley then who does that mean we part with to make room for him? Murphy, Cruz, not signing Byrd? I think Byrd is a big player on this team.

2. Honestly, I’m not sure. I’d be interested to hear his interview. He was a fan favorite for this team for many years but he wasn’t what I would consider Mr. Clutch performer. He had some timely hits in a few games and I’d like to see him get into coaching. Hard to really have a fair opinion on this one.

3. Clint Hurdle. I’m a hurdle fan and I think he’s great in teaching the small ball aspects of the game. We have some guys who will swing to the fences and be great, but there are times in a game when you just need to square up and hit the ball the opposite field for a single. Hurdle can have an impact. Can any of these really be as good as Rudy was thought?

4. Not at all. I love baseball but this is the abosulte worst matchup for me because I despise the Yankees and I can’t stand the city of Philly. I don’t want Philly to celebrate another championship and I def don’t want the Yankees to win. I do think that if the Rangers were in it then the DFW area would be watching.

5. Sick to my stomach…

1 — Not if it means that the Rangers don’t keep Marlon Byrd. I think that a player like Milton Bradley (high OBP – good speed on the bases) was definitely missed in the lineup this year. But, I’m not sure where you would play Milton – if he DH’s then do what happens with Justin Smoak and Chris Davis? If you play him in the OF – who sits (and how much defense do you give up?) Unless the Cubs are willing to pay about 99% of his salary (which is not a typo) – then I’d say pass and sign Marlon Byrd instead.

2 — If he can teach the younger player the kind of patience he had at the plate – then he’d be a good coach.

3 — I don’t know – but I will say this : I think this entire hitting coach change was driven by the manager (you noticed he never said anything nice about Rudy in all media quotes after Rudy decided to leave). The new hitting is coach is likely going to be his old’ crony That Bosley.

4 — No I’m not, unless the Rangers are in the World Series – no one here but we loyal baseball fans will be watching post season games. And frankly, if there was a Cowboy’s game opposite the World Series – the Cowboys would still get the higher ratings. I’d be curious to see how the ratings are in the rest of the country (beyond Philadelphia and New York) – I be the World Series ratings in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and cities like that aren’t that good either. MLB loves when the Yankees are in the WS – Bud and his minions have no interest in the rest of the country.

5 — I’d feel they were fortunate to land with a team that has the opportunity to win every year because of baseball’s screwed up economics (the Yankees can hide their mistakes with money like no other franchise – and when you are are fan of the Montreal Expos…er I mean Texas Rangers – it should make you happy to see former players go to the Series – because they probably wouldn’t have a chance with Texas) – but I won’t be watching – I have better things to do.

I would trade Marlon Byrd and Mcczrthy for Bradley if the Cubs would pay most of salary. Byrd diud a good job this year but he has physical problems that will only get worse with age and he will be 33 next year. We have plenty of outfielders.

Rusty Greer



I will not watch both of them are egotistic greedy people
By the way Texiara should hide his head as he is batting 71 for ther World Series.

1. I would have to say no, because it would just me less time for a better player like Nelson Cruz, Marlon Byrd, or Julio Borbon. Why do that?

2. Rusty Greer would bring his passion for the game, which has no equal, to his job as hitting coach. I believe he would have the respect of the players and would probably do a great job.

3. Clint Hurdle is an interesting name. He might bring a more NL style to the game. I havn’t forgotten that amazing run by the Rockies just two years ago with Hurdle at the helm.

4. It’s Dallas. All these people care about are the Cowboys, 24/7, 365 days a year.

5. Considering Joaquin Arias is all that is left from trading away A-Rod, it’s just another sad reminder of how bad this organization has been.

1. I didn’t have a problem with Milton when he was here. I think he was a very good fit here and the numbers he put up here got him a good contract and if the Cubs are willing to take on a lot of his salary why not. The only thing i didn’t like was when he was here and he was hurt when we needed his bat in the line up. But I think he would be a great fit for the Rangers as a DH. I think he gets along with the guys in the clubhouse really well. If that is a move they make I am for it.
2. Rusty was a very good hitter until he retired from baseball. Whether or he can teach hitting I don’t know but if he gets the job it won’t disappoint me.
3. Clint Hurdle is the only name on the list who has a bunch of coaching expirence. I think he is my leader in the club house because has also been a manager before. Gerald Perry I remember when he played but don’t know much about him as a coach. I have never heard of Thad Bosley before. But Hurdle would be my number 1 candidate.
4. Most everybody around here probably isn’t watching the series because nobody cares the Cowboys are playing and Nobody around wants to see TEX or A-rod win a championship.
5. I don’t care either way.

1. My first priority is Marlon Byrd. My second priority if it were up to me (and I know people disagree and I even know why they disagree) is Hank Blalock. I won’t get into a big thing about Hank but it would depend on the price. We know it starts at 6 million…if it goes to 10 that’s too much. My last point is…is the guy trouble in the clubhouse. We know he has emotional problems if he’s not a bad example for our young guys I say take him. You can look back about two year in the archives to see what I think about him. I think the club has to assign a mentor to him li9ke they did for Josh Hamilton.
2./3. Rusty was a very good hitter. In time he would be a good coach. I’m not interested in a manager in Waiting (Hurdle) or in a guy who has just failed (Perry). I guess I don’t really have a proobleem with Bosley except that the two guys he almost always gets credit for were allegedly on the juice.
4. Did you expect us to be Yankee fans?
5. I’m happy for Tex and Arod. They worked their butts off when they were here.

1. If we don’t have to give up much in the way of talent and the Cubs pay half his salary, I’d be ok with it.

2. No idea.

3. Hurdle. He’s managed a team to a World Series and that has to command some respect from younger players. I wouldn’t have a problem with any of the 4 being hired, but I feel like Rusty’s lack of experience is a major disadvantage.

4. No. It’s football season.

5. I’ll feel like the Yankees bought another one.

1. Sure, like you said, if the price is right.

2. In my book, Rusty Greer would make a great anything

3. Hurdle

4. I boycotted TV after PBS cancelled the New Yankee Workshop last week.


1. Absolutely, how could you not at this point? The Cubs will have to eat a bunch of salary and I don’t want to give up a whole lot player wise to get it done though. But his bat is what was missing from the offense this year, and I think that’s painfully obvious.

2. I would like to think so. He was exactly the type of hitter a lot of our guys need to learn how to be, I would like to think he could translate his approach to these guys in a manner that would be effective. Plus he’s still young enough to relate to them. He gets my vote out of the four remaining candidates.

3. None, but Clint Hurdle if I had to chose someone other than Rusty Greer.

4. No, I could care less about either of those teams. I think they need to change the playoff system in baseball. Too few spots, it seems like the same teams are playing every year. I’d rather watch football than the same old predictable stuff every year. Especially when the Rangers aren’t involved.

5. Couldn’t care less. Go Cowboys.

1. Reunions are almost never as good as the first time, and I wouldn’t expect a return of MB to be any different. I’d pass.

2. I honestly don’t have any idea, but one had to respect that guy’s heart when he was a player.

3. I’d like to see Clint Hurdle in here – admittedly because I’d like to see a manager in waiting….

4. Not really – I think it’s mostly a reflection of the Rangers’ lack of post-season success. Win more than one game in 30 years and watch the ratings go up.

5. I strongly dislike the Yankees, but it will make me jealous of the Yankees’ payroll and their commitment to winning.


First, before I answer any of the questions, people please. Bradley coming here would have nothing to do with Byrd. Byrd is a free agent. He is going to go where ever he can get the most money. Sorry to say, that won’t be here, if history has anything to do with it. Anyone saying instead of Bradley, sign Byrd is not paying attention. If they can get Bradley for $5 mil a year or less, or Byrd at a guaranteed 4 year contract for $6 mil a year or so, it will probably be Bradley. Which is alright with me, because Byrd had a career year. In his free agent year. Just like GMJ. How did that work out for the Angels?

1. It’s not that I WANT Milton Bradley, it is just that I am not against it.

2. Greer would be alright and I think he will get the job because he would probably be willing to do it for the least amount of money.

3. Clint Hurdle. No doubt.

4. How can anyone be surprised about that? This is a football city. Not me personally, but definitely the majority.

5. I sincerely hope the Yankees tank. There are 29 teams in the major leagues I would rather see win the World Series. And, if they do win, the TV channel will be changed before the celebration begins.

1. No to picking up Bradley. 1) We would more than likely have to give up a prospect or two to get Bradley, and unless it’s some bottom of the barrel minor-league throw-aways this is not a good deal because 2) we need our premium minor league prospects as trade bait for premium PITCHING (not to mention to continue to develop into a good offense). Finally, it seems like the front office is committed to scouting, developing, and acquiring quality pitchers; Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan should not deviate from this plan!
2. Greer – amazing player, amazing person, but why does this feel like it’s the gimmicky pick? Oh yes, he’s the least experienced of the four.
3. Hurdle. But his huge downside would be that it’s almost certain that he’d be gone after a year or two: World Series managers don’t stay hitting coaches for long. My guess is that with Wash being cronies w/ Bosley – he’ll get the job.
4. Not surprised for obvious reasons already discussed in this thread. Meanwhile, Selig is in a childhood delight over the fact that this game is going into a 6th and possibly 7th game.
5. ARod – messed up in the head. Tex – great player, good guy – makes me want to puke to see him play in pinstripes. Just another hired gun that’ll never really belong there.

Hey Cousin. You deserve the rest, and thanks for bringing us the inside scoop.
1 – If the salary issue can be worked out, bring Bradley back immediately — Barry Bonds was a handful, but he hit cleanup every day and the Giants won a lot of games.
2&3 – If I’m Washington, I know what I have to do this year to stay employed. So, Bosley seems like it would be his comfortable choice.
4 – Cowboys town – since they are winning. Maybe it’s the “WINNING” that drives everything…Doh!
5 – The series isn’t OVER yet my friend.

Take care and enjoy the offseason.

1. No. That sounds like the old Rangers, not the new Rangers that go with up-and-coming younger players. Also, the Rangers are to be applauded for dumping Padilla, a bad-attitude guy. It’s important to keep positive players and stay away from negative ones.

2. Sounds like Greer has the tools to do it.

3. Maddux was such a good choice. Do likewise for your hitting coach — pick the guy you really think will help the younger players the most. I don’t know enough about them to say who that is, but I wouldn’t shy away from Greer if they think he’s the one, even though he’s not as experienced as the others.

4. & 5. Generally, my favorite baseball teams often follow an inverse scale according to their budgets. The richest teams (Yankees, Dodgers, etc) are my LEAST favorite. On the flip side, I root for teams who do a lot with a smaller budget, like the Marlins, and, of course, the Rangers. Weird, maybe. But I think it’s why I haven’t watched one game of the series so far. If the Rockies had got in, yes, I’d watch. But, to me, the Yankees are the dark side of the force, their budget allows them to be bullies. Sadly, MLB allows such a system — but it is blighted.

4. I’m not surprised, given all the football available. Still, there’s baseball on at my house.
5. I usually buy one or two Rangers hats a year and I wear them nearly all the time, but I have a couple of hats from other teams. For the past few weeks I’ve been wearing my Yankees hat. I’ve been a Yankee fan nearly as long as I’ve been a Ranger fan, and despite the fact that I’ve come to like Pedro, I want nothing more than for New York to finish this one off in six. As for Alex with his finally-awake bat and Teix with his ever-reliable glove, I say good for them.

1) Yes. How about Young for Bradley?
2) No Pay your dues, go to the minor leagues, coach there, then get promoted to a major league job. If managing is in your blood as they say, then go EARN it. Greer earned everything he got as a player, why should he be handed a Major League job????
3) Hurdle is manager in waiting. Which really surprised me. If Wash struggles out of the gate next year, how long before Hurdle is in as Manager? So the question is who will replace Hurdle as hitting coach when he is promoted to manager. I have been talking about this for years, Daniels is a politician. He has completely divorced himself from Washington. Washington turned out not to be a bad hire, especially now that he has pitching. But does anyone on here really think that he wanted Hurdle as hitting coach?
4) Baseball should have 5 game series in Division and Championship then 7 game World Series. Baseball in late October and early November is a joke. Start the season earlier and reduce the # of regular season games. Do something to speed up the game. It is like watching paint dry on the wall, with all of the throwing over to first, stepping off the mound, mound visits. Baseball, well is just too slow. I love to watch my son play it, i loved to play it. I don’t particulary enjoy watching millionaire drug addicted children playing it.
5) I am happy that Tex got his money and his championship. I am not at all happy that Afraud got his. Does he even know how he got the ring, does he remember? “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his own soul?”””””

If i were king, i let Byrd walk for what else, THOSE VAUNTED DRAFT PICKS WE ALWAYS HEAR ABOUT. I then would trade Michael Young for some PITCHING. I then would get BRADLEY back in here pronto as long as the CUBS are willing to pay HALF of what he is owed. Then my lineup would look like this: 1) CF Borbon, 2) SS Andrus, 3) RF Hamilton, 4) DH Bradley, 5) 1B Smoak, 6) 2B Kinsler, 7) 3B Davis, 8) LF Cruz, 9) C Rodriguez. My reserves are UI Vizquel, C Saltalamacchia, OF Murphy, +1 undetermined player. 12 pitchers: Starting: Feldman, Feliz, Holland, Harrison, Hunter. We are heavy on the H’s, “Triple H”. Millwood can be dealt for all i care. That leaves McCarthy, Nippert, Benoit, Wilson, Francisco. Two open relievers. So gone would be Young and Millwood, which would make this a very young, cheap and talented team.

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