Grilli, Richardson taken off 40-man roster

Pitcher Jason Grilli has cleared outright waivers and refused assignment to the Minor Leagues. Grilli instead told the Rangers he is taking his free agency.

Grilli was 2-2 with a 4.78 ERA in 30 games with the Rangers after being acquired from the Rockies in June. He had a 2.00 ERA in June and July but it ballooned to 13.50 in August and 9.64 in September after he missed three weeks with inflammation in his elbow.

The Rangers also took catcher Kevin Richardson off the 40-man roster but are trying to resign him to a Minor League contract. He was 3-for-6 in limited time with the Rangers in August and September.

The Rangers now have 38 players in their 40-man roster



Say what you want about Grilli, but I liked him. I will remember him as a Ranger who gave that dominating performance while his Dad was watching (as opposed to the Grilli that pitched the last month of the season). He has great stuff but just needed some time to deveop his game. I guess this is the type of thing that happens when you have too much talent in the farm system that you have to protect.

Grilli was really good before the injury. Remember when FredR went all conspiracy theory saying that Grilli’s injury was a subterfuge to get Feliz to the big leagues more quickly? Grilli really went whole hog on selling the conspiracy, putting up a 1.53 ERA and 0.91 WHIP before and 11.42 ERA and 2.19 WHIP after the “alleged” injury. It looks like a journyman would be more concerned about trying to secure employment, but no, Jason had Nolan’s back all the way in the diabolical plot to “give up” on the season by calling up Neftali.

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