Jaramillo Turns Down Rangers Contract Offer

Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo has turned down the Rangers contract offer, and will likely pursue a position with another team.

More on the website later.


Sad Day. I’ve appreciated Rudy as a hitting coach and as an inspiration in coming back so quickly and completely from his battle with prostate cancer.
I suppose this is about money since the Rangers seem to be having a hard time holding on to people financially and the bankrupt Cubs are said to be waving a lot of cash in Rudy’s direction. Too bad. So sad.

In a tough division race for next year we needed all our weapons. The replacements mentioned for Rudy are not going to cut it. Bad decision…they knew from last year that he wanted a multi year contract!

The Rangers swung at the most first pitches this year in the majors. Had very few walks, high number of strikeouts. They have got to go deeper into the count, this has been a problem for years. The rangers have never had a high team batting average all rudy has taught them was how to hit the homerun, wait maybe that was the steriods. So what has he done??? Glad to see him leave……..its funny that Chris Davis goes to the minors works on his swing and comes back and raises his average 20 points.

Rudy’s great, but let’s get a guy in here who teaches the guys to make contact, work the count and go the opposite way. That’s how you win ballgames.

I’m sad to see Rudy go. He’s not only a great coach; he’s an assett to the community. But, some things are beyond control.

So, who out there is the Mike Maddux of hitting coaches? Let’s get him in here! (Rudy Jaramillo perhaps?) Maybe they are looking for someone to do what I did when teaching my son to swing a bat. You know, someone to stand behind the hitters and help them swing at the appropriate times? I bet if we weren’t handcuffed by Mr. Hicks and his impending sale, Rudy could’ve gotten that multi-year deal he deserves. On the bright side, if we have to lose Rudy but we still get rid of Mr. Hicks, I’m okay with it. We still have talented hitters who will continue working to improve regardless of who the hitting coach is.

Let’s be clear on this … it wasn’t lack of a reasonable financial offer that kept Rudy from re-signing here. The incumbent who reportedly is the highest paid hitting coach in MLB was offered a one year extension and 3% raise … not bad given the club’s current financial circumstances and the uncertainty of who’ll be the new owners. Rudy saw an opportunity to be a “free agent” and took it. I’ve got no problem with that, either. But the Rangers do not deserve the poke of a sharp stick to the eye for not offering more. Who knows, a new voice for the hitters might just work the same sort of magic that Maddux worked on the pitchers. Just so long as Nolan is involved up to his fingernails — as he was with bringing Maddux in — I’m fine with whoever is selected. Leave the decision to JD and Wash … or just Wash … and my concerns spiral upwards exponentially.

It remains to be seen how I feel about Rudy leaving. Curious to see who ends up with the job.

Sammy Sosa gets the job!

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