Jaramillo's status uncertain among Rangers coaches

Rangers manager Ron Washington wants all six of his coaches back in 2010. General manager Jon Daniels said he doesn’t foresee many changes, if any at all.

There is still some doubt about hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo, who is finishing his 15th season with the Rangers.

WashJara.jpgJaramillo’s current two-year contract runs only through this season and at some point after the World Series, he will be free to talk to any teams. Jaramillo remains one of the most respected hitting coaches in the game and it’s likely that he will draw significant interest once he is free to talk to other clubs.

“When you’re talking about free agents and anybody not under contract, that’s always a possibility,” Daniels said.

Jaramillo is from Dallas and still lives there. He said he wants to stay with the Rangers and doesn’t want to leave on a sour note. The Rangers had scored 773 runs going into Friday’s game with the Mariners and the possibility exists they could score less than 800 runs for the first time since 1995.

Daniels said he will meet with Washington and club president Nolan Ryan after the season to discuss the coaching staff. Jaramillo will likely be a prime topic of discussion.

“We’re going to sit down at the end of the year, hear Ron’s thoughts, sit down with Nolan, myself, ownership, and see where we are,” Daniels said.

The Rangers made four changes in the coaching staff last season. They hired Mike Maddux as pitching coach, Jackie Moore as bench coach and Dave Anderson as the third base coach, and moved Andy Hawkins to the bullpen. Gary Pettis, the Rangers first base/outfield coach, came with Washington after the 2006 season.

Washington said having some continuity this off-season is important.

“It’s quite important,” Washington said. “I think my coaching staff has done an outstanding job. We brought a lot of young kids in here and they helped show them they can play at the Major League level. I give a lot of kudos to our coaching staff. They are a big part of getting us to where we are.”

Nelson Cruz is likely done for what’s left of the season. He has a sprained left ankle and it’s not showing enough improvement to give the Rangers much hope of getting back in the lineup soon.

“I don’t look for him to be ready before the season is over,” Washington said.

Hank Blalock also remains sidelined with some lingering pain in his head after getting kneed by Derek Holland in Wednesday’s game against the Angels.

“There is a little slight ache,” Washington said. “We have to wait until there is no ache.”

Eddie Guardado turned 39 on Friday and the Rangers celebrated it by roasting him in a pre-game meeting. Guardado has pitched in 908 games, fourth most among active pitchers and 21st in baseball history.


Good stuff, T.R. I will however say this, a proven track record speaks volumes, and I think Rudy has “scoreboard” on Wash. I pick on Wash, but for good reason. I can’t believe no one else gets embarrassed by his lack on the English language and grammar. He makes very dumb baseball decisions, and was hired due to a low salary, while the Stars signed two guys today for millions. What is Hicks priority? I can assure you mine is not Hockey. Fix it, and fix it now! If we come in 3rd in the West? Whose head rolls?

In 1998, Tom Ollis Hicks, or as I like to call him, T.O., bought the Rangers. He inherited Doug Melvin’s work, and soon changed the plan. Soon after that, our team went from play-offs, to j-offs, with talent that any good owner and manager could win with.

Since then? 27.5 million people have paid to come see this team. Paying for parking, tickets, concessions, and souvenirs. All that for a record, since Hicks has owned the team, of 959W – 982L. That is below .500 baseball, boys.

He fires a Manager who took this team to heights it had never seen, in Oates. Brought in the only bigger jerk on the planet than Hicks himself, in Showalter. And then turned Red-Cross on us to bring in a Katrina victim who can’t speak proper English.

The Rangers can’t do a damn thing or sign a damn player, but the Stars can sign Robidas to a 4 year, $13.2M extension. And then Eriksson gets a 6 year deal worth $25.5M.

Anyone pissed yet?

And we thought the other T.O. was a cancer.

Wake up Ranger fans. Please…. wake up!

Here’s a hint… don’t come on here anymore.

What a racist thing to say. Growing up, Washington likely did not have the same opportunities as you. That’s not his fault. I’m 100% sure with effort he could re-learn English, but as an adult it would be like learning a foreign language. I’m also sure he has better things to do. Your assumptions about his grammar and intelligence show extreme prejudice. You question whether anyone’s angry? Yes. At you.

Washington is a well-respected manager, both by other managers and his own players. He’s in the running for Manager of the Year. With the sole exception of his liking for Andruw Jones, I’ve not had a problem with any of his decisions. After all, it’s ultimately up to the guys on the field to execute the plays. And through it all, the Rangers hung in there until the very last week of the season in what was just supposed to be a transition year.

Is it possible to suppress comments from individual posters? I’d just as soon never read anything you have to say again.

I would like to point out that I criticized about 8 white people in the comment made. Wash cannot speak proper English, but he knows more baseball than Hicks can ever hope to.

I count two other people whom you criticized, nowhere close to eight. (I couldn’t tell from your comments whether you were pro or anti Jaramillo and the hockey players; it doesn’t matter either way.) The manner with which you’re criticizing Washington is an entire level different from what you’re saying about Hicks and Showalter. In particular, the statement “turned Red-Cross on us to bring in a Katrina victim who can’t speak proper English” is reprehensible. Please take your own hint.

Here you go, buddy. And please mark this down. 1) Hicks – total moron and franchise killer. 2) Showalter – Idiot! More teams have won after he left as manager than any in history! 3) Hicks again for spending money on a hockey team in a baseball and football town! 4) I am pro Jaramillo. 5) If you see my girlfriend? You will see I am not rascist. 6) I have wanted just as many white guys off of this team this year, if not more, than minorities. 7) “reprehensible”? Glad you can say it and spell it… Wash can’t. 8) I am tired of losing. And as long as you guys accept an “effort” and second place? We will never win. Demand, command a winning team! My God man, it’s like the Cowboys are expected to win it all, the Mavs and Stars maybe make the playoffs, and the Rangers win 3rd and we call it a good year? Not me! This is my team, and I demand more from every aspect of it.

And he was a Katrina victim.

1. Johnny Oates resigned – he was not fired.
2. Hicks mistake number one – signing A-fraud – that was his personal decision, and, it was wrong.
3. Hicks – mistake number two (this might actually be worse) – listening to Scot Boras, then firing Doug Melvin.
4. John Hart. Need I say more?

In retrospect, it is difficult to choose just which Hicks mistake is the winner as most absolutely stupid. Possibly it was John Hart, who gave away serious money to people like Chan Ho Park and Todd Van Poppel. And folks, it really wasn’t about the money – it was the draft picks we lost. That’s what kept them in the basement.

Last, but, should be first – I can’t belive that someone who would type a phrase like “gets embarrassed by his lack on the English language” should be tossing rocks at anyone elses phraseology. I will add that I strongly suspect that you are not as respected in your field of work as Ron Washington is in his. ‘Tis you who are the embarassment here. Please grow up before you embarass other Ranger fans with your racist remarks – they simply have no place here.

Just my opinion.

Charley – I agree with most of what you said. I often say things to spark an interest and provoke conversation. Now, I do think when hiring anyone, especially in a mangement role, that you want them to invoke a sense of intelligence and class. Wash has a brain and class, but he does not invoke either. That is my point. We had Wakamatsu and Hillman there for the taking, yet went for the cheap out. I have said it over and over; Wash is a good coach, bad manager.

And Oates did resign, but he was forced out. The genius of my buddy Hansen will tell you anyday of the week, should you desire to listen.

Wash is a good coach. He is not a good manager. He was hired by Hicks and J.D. because he accepted $600,000 per year and they were still paying Buck $1.8 per annum through ’09–to sit on his front porch. Wash will play favorties (Jones and Guardardo) to the detriment of the team as a whole. Players like him because he will not openly criticize or correct. Unfortunately he will not take the team to the next level.

Saying Washington was hired because “he accepted $600,000 per year” is more than a little misleading. There are several other managers who make less. Are we to believe that other candidates for the job would not have accepted this sum? I don’t know for a fact, but I can’t imagine that Don Wakamatsu is making much more than that, if at all in Seattle. He was a candidate for the job. Maybe there were other factors than affordability that lead to the final choice. Ya think?

Another great point, Mutt. Hefe? You want to know comparing salaries? They are to follow shortly.

1. The Players PLAY For Ron!
2. Rudy is one of the Best Hitting Coaches in the Game!
3. The Whole coaching staff did a great job! We were not expected to be in the race this late in the season but we were!
4. We have one of the yougest teams in baseball. Good things will come if we stay the coarse instead of changing every 2-3 yrs!!
5. This team will be great and the piching staff showed it can pitch! There is a reason why our farm system was picked #1!

Have ou guys been wondering? Or am I the only one??? Is Rangers homer really D’god in disguise. Well it really doesn’t make any difference both are really racist fools. Right Brad?

Good spelling there “Fred”. I go by one screen name. I will give you my real name, my e-mail, my phone number, and my address. I never hide anything on here, nor hide behind a screen name. And I am not racist. I make comments about white players and a white owner that are sarchastic and get no complaints. I defend and want to promote minority players and get no support. I want an inept Manager, who happens to be black, fired… and I am a racist? I wanted Showalter fired. I guess I don’t like white people? You know you guys come here and can’t take a joke, looking to pull the race card any chance you can, when in the end… it is all about baseball. But to some of you, you always have be the victim. You and only you perpetuate the problem. If you saw my entire family, you would see the diversity that our Nation allows us, as well as the people I love. Do not accuse me of being racist. Accuse me of being tired of a compromising team that I love, but do not accuse me of being a racist.

Hefe300, maybe there were other factors leading to Ron Washington’s hiring other than salary, but I’m guessing it was a very big part of it considering what was in Hicks saddlebags (air). I didn’t know that Don Wakamatsu interviewed for the job but if he was offered it for what Wash took, he made the right decision to refuse because his reported salary with the Mariners is $1.4 million WITH incentives, many which he has made. And he recently caught a 17 pound salmon in Puget Sound. Wow, guess he made the right choice, ya think.

Why do you people keep suggesting that rudy is the greatest hitting coach in the game. Rudy like all the other steroid players during his reign are affected by all the inflated stats put up during the steroid era….so how can you say hes the best in the game…this year everyone one in the lineup was hitting either 220 or 250…where was the great rudy to fix this thing up.

I was reading the comments of rangerhomer and I thought this sure looks like d(GOD) comments. But before I could get a post in Fred beat me to it. it has the same tone and content of d(GOD) post. He is so much smarter than everyone else and knows all the answers. Makes me want to get a trash basket out and puke.

I stand corrected on Wakamatsu’s salary. I had no idea he was making that kind of cheddar. A 17 lb salmon sure would look good on the ol’ smoker.

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