Friday Happy Hour at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill

Welcome to the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill, where RangersHomer is always welcome as long as he buys a round!

Bar.JPG* Angels manager Mike Scioscia on the Rangers: “They had an incredible season. You could see it brewing. They play the game the right way and are going to be a force for a long time. I can’t say enough about what Ron Washington did. He got my vote for [AL] Manager of the Year. They had an incredible year.”

* The Rangers are not interested in Milton Bradley. Sources have made that clear. He is not coming back. So stop it

* Rangers manager Ron Washington on the A.L. West getting tougher next season: “I think it will. I’ve always said Seattle will be a challenge. They’ve got talent over there that can play baseball. Oakland has certainly improved and they’ve got some good young pitchers. Obviously we’ve improved and the Angels are always going to be steady. If they were ever vulnerable, this was the year and we just couldn’t quite finish it off.”

* Washington on suggestions the Angels have mortgaged their future for the present: “Whatever it takes to win, they’re going to try and do it. That’s what winning organizations do. Believe me, whatever pieces they have to put back together, they’re going to try and do it. They have established to their fans that they want to win, they’ve established to their organization they want to win and their players have proved they are winners.”

* Andruw Jones did not hit a home run in August or September. His last home run was on July 29 against the Tigers.

* Roving hitting instructor Mike Boulanger said the one guy to watch that nobody has talked about is Chad Tracy, who hit .279 with 26 home runs and 107 RBI. Said Boulander, “This guy can flat-out hit.”

* In case you are wondering, Doug Mathis has pitched 1772/3 innings over the past two years combined at Triple A Oklahoma City and in the Major Leagues. He has a 3.59 ERA.

* Elvis Andrus on his defense: “The biggest thing for me is concentration and focus. That’s the thing I’ve learned the most in the Major Leagues. Every day you have to stay focused. You can’t let up for one minute.”

* You know that Golden Tee video machine? Michael Young loves playing it.

* Just for the heck of it: Kevin Kennedy.

* Angels pitcher John :Lackey has a luxury suite at the Cowboys new stadium.

* Brian Roberts on tying the record for most doubles by a switch-hitter in a season: “I mean, I didn’t break Barry Bonds’ homer record or anything, but you’ve got to take what you do and look at it in perspective.”

* It’s only happened once since 1900. On this date in 1920, the Reds took two from the Pirates, 13-4 and 7-3. Then the Pirates won, 6-0. Yes, it’s the only tripleheader in modern baseball history.

* Former Rangers pitcher Mitch Williams and former Red Sox infielder Rico Petrocelli will team up to host a new weekly show on SIRIUS XM Radio.  Remember When will debut Saturday at 7 p.m. and be on every Saturday throughout the year exclusively on MLB Home Plate, available nationwide on XM channel 175 and SIRIUS channel 210.

* Cal Ripken on the highest payroll clubs making the playoffs: “That’s the argument made about the Yankees. You look at how important (CC) Sabathia is and (A.J) Burnett to the success of the team. In the end you have the other models. The Twins play really good team baseball and tend to over-achieve all the time. In the end, it’s about the baseball judgments and decisions. But it is nice to have extra money in case something doesn’t work out, or you have an injury or two.. It is an advantage in many ways that you can cover up your mistakes, but you still can compete with the big guys with good baseball decisions and team play.”





Bright and early this Friday morning. I like Brian Roberts. There are a few non Rangers who I enjoy watching play the game. Roberts and his teamate, Nick Markakis, are high on that list. I still have no idea what Jones has been doing hitting clean up against lefties for the past few months. He had a great April, a mediocre May and has been horrible since, hitting .174 since the end of May. I don’t often quibble with Washington’s in game decisions because I can understand the logic behind most of them and realize that player execution is to blame more often than not when a “bad managerial move” is made, but his prediliciton for veteran player’s roles being defined more by reputation than production is a sobering trend. See also: Sammy Sosa batting clean up, or even playing against RHP, who routinely ate his lunch.

First, I don’t know how to take Scioscia’s comments about an “incredible” season. Yes, it was a great season and it was more than we expected going in. But, to describe it as “incredible” seems like something one would say about a perennial loser who has one good season. I say this Mr. Scioscia, you ain’t seen incredible yet! You should keep your arrogant mouth shut and enjoy what you have now because it will be gone soon! The Rangers are coming.

RE: Ron Washington’s comment on the Angels and what “winning organizations” do. Does he believe he works for that kind of organization? I’m ready to start hearing and believing that about THIS organization. I’m sick of hearing about how good the Angels are! I’ve heard Washington gush about the Angels, but I’ve never heard him gush about the Rangers as an organization.

I guess we should be thankful that our guys were technically in it until the last 2 weeks of the season. I have enjoyed this season, but it will only be worth it if they take the next step next season. The prospects of what might be are very exciting, but all the excitement is held hostage by the ownership issues. Will a new owner come in and want to change everything and put his own signature on this team like Hicks did? Or, will they see that something good is going on here and all they have to do is invest and reap the benefits of what can be? If you remember, the Rangers were a playoff team with a deep farm system when “Mr. Hicks” bought them. Doug Melvin had established a good balance of acquiring veteren talent while building the farm system. Hicks came in and gradually tore all of that down, tried to be Steinbrenner, and when that didn’t work out he finally let the baseball people get this thing back in order as he ran out of money. My GREATEST fear as a fan of this team since I was a kid in the 70’s is watching that whole scenario play out all over again. Whoever buys this team is buying a good product. They don’t have to change anything. Just add to the magic that is already happening.

Finally, on the superficial front. Dear new owner, the Rangers’ team colors have been red, white, and blue from the beginning. I love the red caps and jerseys as alternates. How about bringing back the red bill on the home hats. The classic Rangers blue cap with red bill and the newest “T” would look awesome. That gives you 3 caps (solid blue for road uniform). And, put Rangers back on the home whites. My adjustments would be Rangers in red letters with blue trim on the current white uniform. I would also like to see the number on back red trimmed in blue also while the players’ name is blue. With blue undershirt sleeves and socks, you’ll have a great looking red, white, and blue uniform that is a mix of old and new. Top it off with the red-billed cap I described and you have a uniform like no other team. The Phillies use a similar look on their alternate home uniforms, but the Rangers look more natural, to me, in it. I’m just sayin’.

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