Byrd leaves with hip injury

Rangers outfielder Marlon Byrd left Tuesday’s game with what was reported as a hip capsule strain on his right side. He injured himself running to first base on a grounder to short in the first inning, falling face first at the end.

He was replaced by Craig Gentry in center field.

Byrd is listed as “day-today” but the Rangers only have five games left. The possibility exists that Byrd could watch the next five sitting next to Josh Hamilton but that is still unknown.


Bad way to end a great year for him! Please come back next year Marlon!

Delete me again, TR. He was hurt last night at the end of the game. If you watched the game, you’d know that! And you seriously get paid for this? Good God, man. He limped off last night after trying to run to 1st. I find it a sad thing when the fans have more knowledge than the man “supposedly” covering the Rangers? I like you. You provide insight, as you have the access. I just wonder how much more insight I could provide our fans, given your access. Wanna wager?

Rangers homer…. you and I need to sit down for a long talk.. you got my e-mail… use it!!!

TR, you heard the man, DELETE him! As far as I can tell, this blog basically belongs to you TR. We are all guest here and should act accordingly. If folks don’t like the information they receive here, they should go elsewhere to get theirs. No need to be rude, just politely ease on out.

rangershomer, bless your ole heart, if you came to my house actin’ like that, I promise you wouldn’t get to stay very long. I know folks are bummed that the chase is over, but there’s no sense in all this ill-actin toward other folks.

TR, thanks for another great year of covering the Rangers in action. Most of those who post here add a great deal to the season overall, and then you have the few with their flippan, smart attitudes that think they know it all. For those in the minority, they are basically ignored anyway. And for those who fit the later, don’t let the door hit ya in the a** on the way out.

Where can I get in on that wager? The play happened in the 1st inning, Gentry came in to replace him. Ignore the nitwits, TR.

We get some good baseball people on this Blog…and then we get some fools. Great year for the Blog…nice job TR.

Rhomer, if Byrd was hurt at the end of the game, then how did Gentry, who replaced him, get 2 at bats and get pinch hit for? Is this a cry for attention? Sad.

Hang on now! In fairness to rangershomer, who I believe is a serious fan, just a little misguided and ill-manored at times, I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the game on Monday the 28th. I didn’t see it, but I heard Byrd pulled up lame trying to beat out a ball and limped off the field at the end of the game. He came back and tried to play last night and in a simular situation, pulled the hip muscle and left the game. That’s when Gentry replaced him.

Too bad Marlon had to end his time as a Ranger like this. In the off season, he will have a chance to sign a lucrative multi-year contract that the Rangers will be unwilling / unable to match. We wish him well.

Rangerhomer , Monday night in Byrds last at bat , he ran hard to first , and pulled something , he limped off the field , Josh & tag didn’t know what he did . Then Tuesday night in his First at bat , he ran hard to first , hit the bag and fell hard face first into the ground , He was helped off the field by MY and gary pettis , the kid Gentry took his place for the rest of the game . Today reports are he did something to his hip , may be out the rest of this year . I just hope hes back next year ?

I find it funny to see the guys who know baseball on here consistently, and defending me, versus the people who probably watch women’s volley-ball for a hobby. I watch every play of every game. Pitch count, pitch locations, etc. Tell me to get a life, but do not tell me I do not know baseball. And given the opportunity? Wager is right here, smart guy. tnrgr? Who is this?

Omar Vizquel has been a talented shortstop for nearly 2 decades in the majors. He’s now decided to toss hit hat into the pit, for bull fighting.


We’d appreciate the link, and will return the favor.

rangerhomer, ie rick perry. the rangers fan “rainman”… obscure talent of google and perceptions, with no redeaming social skills, manners or aplomb. #1 stat-nit.
good job TR. 2009 was monumental move forward, despite perry’s nit-wit predictions and voicebox deluxe. someone remove the megaphone from his mouth, please.

And the roller-coaster continues. rangershomer, now that I’ve chastised you and defended you on two different posts in the same blog, I’ve got a daughter at a local community college and a daughter that’s a senior in high school that I’m very proud of that both play volleyball. About the ONLY reasons I miss a Rangers broadcast is to watch their games. Dern sure not ashamed of that! Take care and I sure hope things get better for you.

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